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Hugh Masekela – Home Is Where The Music Is (1972)


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Photographer Captures Images Of Models Drenched In Honey

Photographers usually have a theme in mind for every shoot, from sexy to scary to classical, and in the case of this Blake Little shoot the theme is clearly something very, very sticky.


10 tunes…. Bob Marley & The Wailers -


TAKFIRINOMICS: How ISIS funds its caliphate


Scientists have figured out what makes Indian food so delicious

Researchers have data crunched 2,500 recipes and found the secret to their success.


Temple of Power

Located in the company town of Newhalem, Washington, the evocatively named Temple of Power is a public gazebo monument dedicated to the town’s history of providing power. \
—The oddly futuristic pavilion is the work of artist Don Corson under the employ, like the rest of the town, of the Seattle City Light power company. The company owns the entire town of Newhalem in fact, using it to house the workers from the Skagit River Hydroelectric Plant. The piece of publ


Exclusive: TSA Issues Secret Warning on ‘Catastrophic’ Threat to Aviation


Termites: Guardians of the Soil -

A termite mound in Kenya. Such mounds can reach 30 feet high and 80 feet across. Credit G. Sosio/De Agostini, via Getty Images

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Missing link to black hole evolution may have been discovered


Lamp House


Sophie Gamand photographs hairless dogs in her series, “Prophecy.”

MORE photographs hairless dogs in her series, “Prophecy.”.

What scares the new atheists


All of Your Iran Nuclear Deal Questions, Answered

In which I try to explain that things that appear to be contradictions sometimes aren’t.


May 1942. Southington, Connecticut. “Boys collecting paper and metal for scrap drive.” Photo by Fenno Jacobs for the Office of War Information


- Genomes document ancient mass migration to Europe


How science made an honest man of God

Until the Scientific Revolution, God’s power included a licence to deceive. How did science make an honest man of Him?


10 Memorable Dr. Seuss Quotes About His Work


lou reed


“Things always seem to end before they start” — Lou Reed



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Stealing A Nation – John Pilger (2004)

How the British Government expelled the indigenous peoples of Diego Garcia in the late 1960s and early 1970s to make way for an American military base. [56:40] (


President William Jefferson Clinton poses for a picture with a White House intern (1995).

​Colorado Sold Almost 75 Tons of Pot and 5 Million Edibles in 2014


Entranced by Donatello -


Why Americans Don’t Care About Prison Rape

And what happens when the problem escapes from behind bars.


Today’s picture is from 1942, and it shows the General Store in West Danville, Vermont. It looks like a couple of men are catching up on the local happenings in front of the store.


Using Disease To Kill Cancer


Viruses are responsible for countless deaths through history, but their efficacy is being harnessed to destroy one of the diseases we haven’t been able to cure.


200 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go Down to the Basement in Paris


The Big Picture – The Boston Globe

Home births aren’t for everyone. But for Ashley Bennett, having her second child at home in Medford was an opportunity to be encouraged and supported at a time when she, and many women, feel at their most vulnerable. The birth plan gave Ashleyand her husband, Mike, an array of delivery options, but, as always when it comes to birth, circumstances were unpredictable. The night Ashley went into labor, their toddler, Marin, came down with a fever. And Ashley’s dreams of a water birth — in a giant portable tub — dried up when the new addition to the family, Isaac Douglas Bennett, arrived before the tub was filled. Besides doula Catherine McKeown-Lindsey and midwives Tara Kenny and Audra Karp, the Bennetts allowed Globe photographer Jessica Rinaldi to witness the family’s private moments. (14 photos total)


How To Save The World From Death By Plastic

How To Save The World From Death By Plastic — Medium.

40 Incredible Colorized Photos from History

t’s incredible how much more we can relate to photographs once they are presented in color. These moments in the past go from being a distant memory, to one that we can relate to on a much deeper and more personal level.


Watch the environmental documentary that’s forcing China to confront its air pollution crisis

While you were bingeing this weekend on “House of Cards,” an online release of a very different nature was taking China by storm.

An environmental documentary that’s being called China’s “Inconvenient Truth,” or, according to China’s new minister of environmental protection, its “Silent Spring” has already racked up more than 175 million views since it was posted online Saturday — a viral phenomenon that’s reportedly catapulted the country’s air pollution woes to the center of conversation.



The Village People music


How We Learned to Kill


The Mad Colored Houses of Burano


Vietnam: Discovering an Underground World


alec soth’s “songbook” – images


It’s the 8th wonder of the world and a sacred place. But they want a hotel.

In the Grand Canyon, there’s a place where two rivers join. It’s sacred to 17 tribal nations. Renae Yellowhorse grew up visiting this special place with her grandmother.


Photos Showing The Journey Of A Homeless Train Hopper (24 Pics)

Train hopping is illegal, not to mention very dangerous. Train hopping is hitching a ride on a railroad freight car and using this as your mode of transportation. These are the pictures from one young homeless train hopper that rode the trains for 5 years and documented the journey with these pictures. They are interesting to say the least.


The Cop Who Loved the Oak Bar

Jack Maple was a New York City cop with champagne taste and a beer wallet. When he fell for the swank charms of the Plaza Hotel, his life began to unravel.


Are habits the secret to happiness?

Turns out a better life rests on habits


The smartphone is ubiquitous, addictive and transformative

THE dawn of the planet of the smartphones came in January 2007, when Steve Jobs, HKgTIFFApple’s chief executive, in front of a rapt audience of Apple acolytes, brandished a slab of plastic, metal and silicon not much bigger than a Kit Kat. “This will change everything,” he promised. For once there was no hyperbole. Just eight years later Apple’s iPhone exemplifies the early 21st century’s defining technology.
—Smartphones matter partly because of their ubiquity. They have become the fastest-selling gadgets in history, outstripping the growth of the simple mobile phones that preceded them. They outsell personal computers four to one. Today about half the adult population owns a smartphone; by 2020, 80% will. Smartphones have also penetrated every aspect of daily life. The average American is buried in one for over two hours every day. Asked which media they would miss most, British teenagers pick mobile devices over TV sets, PCs and games consoles. Nearly 80% of smartphone-owners check messages, news or other services within 15 minutes of getting up. About 10% admit to having used the gadget during sex.

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Life’s Rich Pageant: Meet a Florida Man

“I wasn’t a hunter-fisherman. And it was not a good idea, and then it went terribly wrong.”


How the NSA’s Firmware Hacking Works and Why It’s So Unsettling