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ISIS Docs Show Close Cooperation Between ISIS, Assad | The Daily Caller

‘May take 20 years before what we know exactly what is going on’


by mark tino

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roadside crucifixes in romania


4 Seasons – (1963)

4 Seasons – (1963) Walk Like A Man.mp3

4 Seasons – (1962) Big Girls Dont Cry.mp3

4 Seasons – (1962) Sherry.mp3

See Aretha Franklin Sing Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’ at White House

President Barack Obama celebrates International Jazz Day with all-star concert featuring Sting, Herbie Hancock and many more


Harriet Tubman with rescued slaves – Auburn, NY, circa 1887


Tubman also carried a revolver, and was not afraid to use it. The gun afforded some protection from the ever-present slave catchers and their dogs, however she also purportedly threatened to shoot any escaped slave who tried to turn back on the journey since that would threaten the safety of the remaining group.Tubman told the tale of one man who insisted he was going to go back to the plantation when morale got low among a group of fugitive slaves. She pointed the gun at his head and said, “You go on or die.” Several days later, he was with the group as they entered the United Province of Canada

Chloe Sells’ Swamp is a vibrant look at the landscape of Botswana.


What I Learned From Writers in Their Final Days

‘The simple of act of looking at something you are terrified of, really looking at it, frees you’

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Passing on the Right: Discrimination Against Conservatives at American Universities

Two scholars discuss the ups and downs of life as a right-leaning scholar.


FBI Chooses Secrecy Over Locking Up Criminals

The FBI may drop its case against a school administrator charged with possessing child porn rather than tell the court how it got its evidence.


“A lot of things that seem simple aren’t so simple”: Seymour Hersh on the untold story of Osama bin Laden killing and the way Washington — and the media — really work

SALON EXCLUSIVE: The great investigative reporter on how he unraveled a counter-narrative of the Bin Laden mystery


Two waiters serve steel workers lunch on a girder above the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel on Park Avenue, NYC, 1930.

This video explains the wonderful medical benefits to eating, that’s right EATING, the buds of cannabis. Think of cannabis as a vegetable. Eat it raw or juice it and let the curing begin. Although this won’t get you high, it’s magnificent for medicinal uses. (2013)

The Legacy of May Day Violence isn’t a Maypole—It’s the 8-Hour Workday

Amid the flowery celebrations of May 1st, it’s time to remember May Day’s social revolutionary past.

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America Has Never Been So Ripe for Tyranny

That’s what’s scariest about Donald Trump.


Trump, Le Pen and the enduring appeal of nationalism

In a globalised era, even a country as big as America can feel small. Mark Mazower on why politicians such as Donald Trump are in fashion


Happier and Younger (Looking)

Long face no longer: A new study confirms that smiling makes you look younger


Woodberry Wetlands: A Nature Reserve in The Heart of London


Influence of religion and predestination on evolution and scientific thinking


Generally seen as antithetical to one another, evolution and religion can hardly fit in a scientific discourse simultaneously. However, biologist Dr Aldemaro Romero Jr., Baruch College, USA, devotes his latest research article, now published in the open access Research Ideas and Outcomes (RIO), to observing the influences a few major religions have had on evolutionists and their scientific thinking over the centuries.


The Spain Orwell Never Saw

Adam Hochschild’s book is the first post-Cold War history of the Spanish Civil War.




Lucretius (c. 99—c. 55 B.C.E.)


(c. 99—c. 55 B.C.E.)


What Neuroscience Says about Free Will

We’re convinced that it exists, but new research suggests it might be nothing more than a trick the brain plays on itself


How to Tell When Statistics Are Bullshit

We asked Tim Harford, host of statistics podcast More Or Less, how we can find out when newspapers and politicians are being liberal with the truth.


Chained Rock, Pineville, Kentucky

A large chain bolted to an even larger rock at the top of a mountain has spared from destruction the little town below — or so the story goes.


The Mastermind — all 5 episodes

A seven-part look at how a brilliant programmer and criminal kingpin became a prized U.S. government asset.


There’s a surprisingly awesome reason for the holes on the top of pen caps


haiti street art


Defense Related Opinion, News, Analysis

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Dust is too much for this farmer’s son in Cimarron County, OklahomaPhotographerArthur RothsteinCreatedApril 1936


Longform: The Longform Guide to the Brain by Atul Gawande, Susan Dominus, Evan R. Goldstein, Erika Hayasaki, Gary Greenberg, David Eagleman, Jon Franklin

Experimental neuroscience, everlasting consciousness, and conjoined minds — our favorite articles about the brain.


Gene linked to youthful looks has been discovered, scientists claim

If verified, finding could help understand how people’s faces change with time, and may ultimately lead to ways of slowing the most visible effects of ageing

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Tattoo Artist Uses Real Leaves And Flowers As Stencils To Create Botanical Tattoos

It’s difficult to get a tattoo these days without it looking like somebody else’s. But Ukrainian artist Rita Rit Kit Zolotukhina has found a solution with these delicate botanical fingerprint tattoos.


Just 1 minute of intense exercise produces health benefits similar to 50 minutes of moderate exercise

No time to exercise? Now you have no excuse.

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Walt Whitman Promoted a Paleo Diet. Who Knew?

Found: a nearly 47,000-word journalistic series called “Manly Health and Training” that had been lost for more than 150 years.


Notes from a small island: the fraught and colourful history of Sicily

Sicily: Culture and Conquest at the British Museum.

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Better Aging Through Practice, Practice, Practice

I can’t promise this will prolongyour life. But it will improve it

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Even at 1.0, Vivaldi closes in on the cure for the common browser

The Web browser is likely the most used piece of software on the average computing device. Yet despite its ubiquity, there is relatively little competition in the browser space. These days even experienced users would be hard pressed to tell the difference between the major offerings. Internet Explorer’s new Edge incarnation is slightly different, but Firefox, Chrome, and even Opera are indistinguishable both in appearance and features available.

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The Ancient Tibetan Monastery of Rinchenling Gompa | Ancient Origins

The Rinchenling Gompa is an ancient Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Nepal. This monastery can be found in the Limi Valley, which is situated on Nepal’s north-western border with Tibet.


Our concept of free will could all be an illusion, new research suggests


Stunning Digital Female Portraits By Irakli Nadar


Is This Frenchman Running ISIS Terror Networks in the West?

Known as Abu Suleyman, this former manager of gyms in France is now said to be managing the Islamic State’s murder incorporated in Europe.


Southerners Weren’t ‘Lazy,’ Just Infected With Hookworms

The story of the postbellum South, as told by parasites.


Is it time to rethink post-surgery painkillers?

Surgeons should consider cutting back on the number of take-home painkillers they prescribe to patients after surgery, experts say.


Weegee’s Grisly Crime Scene Photos From 1930s and 1940s New York

Arthur Fellig, aka Weegee, was the master of the crime scene photo. Click through for a grisly look back at the bad old days of New York City.


Unearthing the Atrocities of Nazi Death Camps

Forensic archaeologists are finally exploring what lies beneath the dirt—but not without resistance