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The Modern Invention of Thanksgiving

When you think of the history of Thanksgiving, you’d be hard-pressed not to thanksgivingpicture funny Pilgrim hats and stereotyped Native Americans. These days, most of us know that the sanitized story we learned in grade school bears little resemblance to the real history of the Plymouth colony. But it might still come as a surprise to hear that, as Anne Blue Wills argues in a 2003 article in Church History, Thanksgiving as we know it was deliberately invented in the 19th Century.

Wills traces the holiday’s traditions, the reunions of dispersed families in their childhood homes and the tables groaning under the weight of turkey and stuffing and pie, to the popular magazines that were beginning to give the nation a more unified culture in the mid-1800s. In particular, she writes that Sarah Hale, the editor of Godey’s Lady’s Book and Magazine “badgered national leaders” to formally recognize the holiday, which Abraham Lincoln did in 1863.

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4,000-year-old skeletons of mother and child found in in Qinghai locked in embrace

The skeletal remains show how the mother was kneeling on the ground with her arms wrapped around her son as a powerful earthquake hit northwest China in about 2,000 BC.


Catapult | The Interloper | Kashana Cauley



People Come to Sleep and Die in Hong Kong’s 24-Hour McDonalds

The phenomenon dates back to at least 2007 and has also been documented in Japan and mainland China


What’s the Best Way to Teach English Grammar?

Bored with the standard grammar exercises, a teacher in Portugal got creative, creating crimes for students to solve.


 Insanity Of Woodstock


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ISIS still using Telegram channels

It seems that the terrorist group ISIS has figured out how to get around some roadblocks on one of the apps it uses to disseminate propaganda.


There’s More to Life Than Being Happy

Meaning comes from the pursuit of more complex things than happiness


Thanks+ Giving

Today I met this homeless war veteran on the gas station. He approached me and asked me for change. I said what do you need the change for ?? He said he hasn’t eaten since yesterday. So I told him to hop in the car and let me buy you food. Take a look at the video. The idea behind this video is not every homeless person asks for money to buy drugs and also to raise awareness for our homeless veterans.

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Sound Man: A Life Recording Hits With The Rolling Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, Eric Clapton, The Faces… · Glyn Johns · Book Review Sound Man is a rock ’n’ roll memoir behind glass

Glyn Johns never could have guessed that not getting into college would be the most fortuitous thing to ever happen to him. Doing so could have steered him down any number of successful career paths, but certainly none of them would have involved engineering the sessions that would become Exile On M


Steve McCurry photographs of the American South featured in Paul Theroux’s book, Deep South: Four Seasons on Back Roads.

Throughout his storied photojournalism career, Steve McCurry has traveled extensively on most of the world’s continents, but besides the occasional trips t


…We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness….

The Top 5 Longreads of the Week

Our favorite stories of the week.


Once unknown, story of WWII Latino Tuskegee Airman uncovered

Among the legendary Tuskegee Airmen, America’s first African-American military air squadron which heroically fought in World War II, was a little-known about Hispanic pilot named Esteban Hotesse.



Ordos, China – The worlds largest ghost town (29 Pics)


Cream farewell concert

Paris Attackers May Have Been Fueled by This Drug

What you need to know about the “jihadist’s drug.”


Court Rules Assassination Memo Can Stay Secret

The memo, believed to be a key drone war document, details on how the George W. Bush administration interpreted a ban on assassination.


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The Serial Swatter

Internet trolls have learned to exploit our over-militarized police. It’s a crime that’s hard to stop — and hard to prosecute.


Think Campus P.C. Is Out of Control? Look at the Military.

It turns out that even the millennials who fight wars don’t want to hear bigoted jokes.


You Bring Back Memories; The Supremes

Post by @MissRy.

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remember those less fortunate

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Turkey in the Straw: 1939October 1939. “Temporary buildings on Williams family’s new farm. Dead Ox Flat, Malheur County, Oregon.” Medium format negative by Dorothea Lange for the Resettlement Administration.


Raju The Elephant Cries Real Tears Of Joy As Rescuers Save Him After 50-Years Of Living In Shackles


Why the Pilgrims Wore Beer Goggles


The American flag is set on fire as Japanese protesters demand the closure of the U.S. military base in Okinawa, weeks after the abduction and rape of a 12-year-old girl by three U.S. servicemen. October 22, 1995

 Color Vintage Photos of the Life in Busan in the Early 1950s

NOTE: Postroad, aka GoodShit, was there in 1950-51,so this looks familiar though it ignores the reality of the Korean War


“Bum blockade.” All heading north. South of King City, California. Difficult to get a record of this movement because these men wouldn’t be photographed as a result of Los Angeles police activity Photographer Dorothea Lange February 1936
Location King City, Monterey, California via Yale Univ.

Ken Kesey’s Eclectic Writing Acid Test | Rolling Stone

The legendary novelist told his University of Oregon writing students they would publish or perish together–and the novel, “Caverns”is the result


5 Reasons to Thank Your Lucky Constants This Thanksgiving

As you dig into those mashed potatoes, be grateful the universe’s physical constants are so precise that a slight variation in any one would render that drumstick—and even your existence—impossible


China To Open First Military Base In Africa, Signs Deal With Djibouti, US General Says

The U.S. also has a military base in Djibouti, which prepares ships, aircraft and other deployments for “regional and combatant command requirements.”


Caitlin Doughty, Artisanal Undertaker

A funeral director wants to bring death back home.


Li-Fi has just been tested in the real world, and it’s 100 times faster than Wi-Fi


The 13th Century Kelburn Castle Covered With Colorful Graffiti

Who said castles need to be somber colored stone buildings with grey and brown exterior? Ask the Earl of Glasgow, who has had his transformed into the brightest in all of Scotland.The Kelburn Castle, near Fairlie, 35 miles west of Glasgow, has been the family home of the Boyles since its construction in the 13th century, making the castle the oldest in Scotland to have been continuously inhabited by the same family. In 1703, the Parliament of Scotland created the title of “Earl of Glasgow” for the then owner David Boyle, who was one of the commissioners who negotiated the Treaty of Union uniting England and Scotland into Great Britain. Since then the Kelburn Castle has been the home of a long line of Earls the family has produced.


Getting High on Salvia, for Science

Scientists conducted the first-ever large study on the drug Salvia divinorum.


Earth Is Surrounded by Strings of Dark Matter

New computations from NASA suggest that long strings of mysterious dark matter form around planets like Earth.

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Teenage ‘poster girl’ for Islamic State beaten to death | The Times of Israel

Austrian Samra Kesinovic reportedly killed as she tried to flee jihadist-controlled city of Raqqa and return home