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The Braids…”Lemonade”

Grateful Dead Concert Setlist at Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara on June 27, 2015 |

[photo: note rainbow!]

Get the Grateful Dead Setlist of the concert at Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara, CA, USA on June 27, 2015 from the Fare Thee Well Tour and other Grateful Dead Setlists for free on!


Climate Change: Seabirds are Abandoning Ancestral Nesting Grounds in California

Elegant Terns
Seabirds are abandoning their ancestral nesting grounds in the Gulf elegant-ternsof California in record numbers. Now, scientists may have found out why. Researchers have found that climate change may be to blame. This is a partial view of healthy Elegant Tern nesting colony in Isla Rasa, in the Midriff Island Region of the Gulf of California in 2011. (Photo : E. Velarde)
—Over 95 percent of the world’s population of Elegant Tern and Heerman’s Gulls concentrate on Isla Rasa in the Gulf of California. Yet during some years in the last two decades, the seabirds have arrived to the island in April and have left soon after without ever nesting. This first event was during the 1998 El Niño, when oceanic activity collapsed all along the eastern Pacific coast from Chile to California. Yet this colony desertion happened again in 2003 and since then, has occurred with increasing frequency in 2009, 2010, 2014 and 2015.
—Now, researchers have taken a closer look at this occurrence.

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French soldiers holding the disembodied heads of Algerians in the 1950’s and 60’s.

Neuroscience: The hard science of oxytocin

As researchers work out how oxytocin affects the brain, the oxytocin-mainhormone is shedding its reputation as a simple cuddle chemical.
—In April 2011, Robert Froemke and his team were reprogramming the brains of virgin mice with a single hormone injection.
—Before the treatment, the female mice were largely indifferent to the cries of a distressed baby, and were even known to trample over them. But after an injection of oxytocin, the mice started to respond more like mothers, picking up the mewling pup in their mouths. Froemke, a neuroscientist at New York University’s Langone Medical Center in New York City, was monitoring the animals’ brains to find out why that happened.

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Faurer, Louis photography

[at link, photo gallery]

Faurer, LouisAmerican, 1916-2001My eyes search for people who are grateful for life, people who forgive and whose doubts have been removed, who understand the truth, whose enduring spirit is bathed by such piercing white light as to provide their present and future with hope.— Louis Faurer, October 2, 1979Louis Faurer is best known for gritty but humane pictures of everyday people in the street, particularly those made in the 1940s and 1950s in New York’s Times Square. As Faurer recounted thirty years later, “1946 to 1951 were important years. I photographed almost daily and the hypnotic dusk light led me to Times Square. Several nights of photographing in that area and developing and printing in Robert Frank’s darkroom became a way of life.” One of those Times Square images is NY, NY (twins), first published in Flair magazine’s 1950 September issue. It is one of two pictures Faurer made of female twins in downtown New York; the other, 1948’s aptly titled Twin Sisters, New York, shows a pair of women in matching shirts and horn-rimmed glasses.


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The Death Penalty in Louisiana

The Caddo Parish D.A. recently told a reporter, “I think we need to kill more people.”150706_r26706-320
—A week after his son turned one, Rodricus Crawford woke up a few minutes before 7 A.M. on the left side of his bed. His son was sleeping on the right side, facing the door. Crawford, who was twenty-three, reached over to wake him up, but the baby didn’t move. He put his ear on his son’s stomach and then began yelling for his mother. “Look at the baby!” he shouted.
—Crawford was lanky, with delicate features, high cheekbones, and a patchy goatee. He lived in a small three-bedroom house with his mother, grandmother, uncle, sister, and a younger brother in Mooretown, a neighborhood in Shreveport, Louisiana, bordered by a stretch of factories and next to the airport. His mother, Abbie, a housekeeper at the Quality Inn, rushed into the room and picked up the baby, who was named Roderius, after his father. He looked as if he were asleep, but his forehead felt cool.
—Crawford’s uncle called 911, and an operator instructed him to try CPR while they waited for an ambulance. Crawford’s mother and sister took turns pumping the baby’s chest.

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Without Bound: Perspectives on Mobile Living – Documentary Film


Without Bound: Perspectives on Mobile LivingHow much does anybody need? Without Bound: Perspectives on Mobile Living seeks to answer this question through testimonials from people who voluntarily live “off the grid” in any form of vehicle or mobile home. Noting that 47% of the average American’s take home pay is spent on housing, the film focuses on the imbalance of freedom versus comfort in modern society.From the onset there is a line draw between those who choose mobile living versus those who are stuck in homelessness due to unfortunate circumstances. The film’s subjects are all living in vehicles by choice, and emphasize the societal constructs that stand to be questioned and challenged, namely a consumer mentality that dictates a constant sense of need.


British and German soldiers buried side by side during the Norwegian campaign, 1940.

Inside Paris’s Kinkiest Sex Club

It’s the favorite libertine haunt of Dominique Strauss Kahn and a number of French politicians and celebrities. A peek inside Les Chandelles, home to chic orgies and blue steel.
—Hidden beneath Paris’s historic cobblestone streets lies an underground world where hedonism is king. Inhibitions are thrown to the wind as champagne bubbles over glass flutes and the immaculately groomed eye fuck one another while nuzzling their dates. This world is a labyrinth of dark corridors and plush rooms, fine china, chandeliers, and the occasional strip pole. It is where former French finance minister Dominique Strauss Kahn used to spend his wild evenings, and where many a politician and celebrity still do. It is Les Chandelles, Paris’s most upscale and elite libertine club.
—Traditionally, libertine clubs have been thought of as haunts for échangistes (swingers), and échangistes are mainly thought to be of the 40-plus variety.

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Brandon Tauszik photographs Oakland’s black barbershops in his series, Tapered Throne (GIFs).

andon Tauszik grew up in suburban Florida, where chain barbershops ruled. So, when he moved to Oakland five years ago, the number of independent barbershops blew him away. He started visiting the shops as a way to get to know his new neighborhood, and quickly learned they were cultural institutions that were about much more than cutting hair. In his series of GIFs, “Tapered Throne,” Tauszik captures the atmosphere of these places in the subtle yet significant interactions between barbers and their customers as well as the brief movements of individuals that convey a sense of stillness and quiet.


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13 Things I Found on the Internet Today

 1. Bonsack Bathrooms Found on Flickr.   2. Wallpaper Cake To make your own, you’ll need Illustrator or Photoshop, edible paper + ink and buttercream frosted cake. Directions found […]


King Solomon Hill – My Buddy Blind Papa Lemon [rare oldie]



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ISIS and the Lonely Young American

Flirting With the Islamic State

The conversations between a young woman in rural Washington State and a British man with ties to radical Islam may provide clues about how ISIS recruits new members around the world.
—Alex, a 23-year-old Sunday school teacher and babysitter, was trembling with excitement the day she told her Twitter followers that she had converted to Islam.
—For months, she had been growing closer to a new group of friends online — the most attentive she had ever had — who were teaching her what it meant to be a Muslim. Increasingly, they were telling her about the Islamic State and how the group was building a homeland in Syria and Iraq where the holy could live according to God’s law.

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Hundreds rally in favor of Confederate flag after Bree Newsome’s arrest

The controversial banner has been falling along the Bible Belt since the racist church massacre in Charleston. But this weekend, Southerners have come out in force to defend it.



A Sunday Kind of Love: Etta James

Post by @MissRy.

Source: TUNE

The Top 5 Longreads of the Week


The story of Wilde’s coming to America is also the story of modern celebrity.

Have smoking jacket, will travel: Wilde, photographed in New York in January 1882 by Napoleon Sarony. Photo: LIBRARY OF CONGRESS
—Wilde in America: Oscar Wilde and the Invention of Modern Celebrity
David M Friedman W W Norton, 320pp, £17.99
—In the early 1990s, I took a trip to Lincoln, Nebraska – a city in the “flyover” states that, ostensibly, might be said to hold little claim over the collective identity of the United States. A century earlier, Oscar Wilde had called there on his somewhat surreal 1882 tour of North America. I think the place was still recovering from the shock. One academic proudly related to me Wilde’s wonder at the city fathers who had seen fit to name Lincoln’s main thoroughfare “0 Street” – as in zero. The story summed up the contrast between the emptiness of the prairies around us and the orchidaceous cynosure of decadence who had appeared here, as if teleported from some other universe.

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Liberated Concentration Camp prisoner holds german soldier at gunpoint 1945.

Anthony Friedkin, Women at Gay Liberation Parade, 1972

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Everyday Routines Make Life Feel More Meaningful

Regularity helps life make sense, a crucial component in finding meaning31AA13E0-405B-4EFE-944ED9FBBC02C4BE_article

Think about the most meaningful experiences in your life. You will probably recall your wedding, or a trip across Europe, or your first skydive. You won’t name brushing your teeth. Yet recent research suggests that the mundane regularities of life can very much contribute to your overall sense of meaning.
—As squishy as the concept sounds, meaning in life is an integral part of our well-being. Research has associated it with good mental health, success at work and longevity. Psychologists have proposed three aspects: significance, purpose and coherence. In other words, life is meaningful when it feels important, when it seems to have a point and when it makes sense.

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Grateful Dead gave suburban kids like me accessible counterculture

grateful dead
They look so cool, don’t they? Photograph: Roger Ressmeyer/Roger d80a05b7-4a30-4ffd-a02e-e8952fe0aa1a-2060x1236Ressmeyer/CORBIS
—I have to confess: I was once a Deadhead. I can’t help but be confronted with this skeleton from my own closet as the Grateful Dead start their 50th anniversary concerts series on Friday in Santa Clara
—It is difficult for me to make this public since I’m now unable to listen to the band’s insidious jamming without pangs of embarrassment. But for about three years in my early teens, my interest in the band was all-consuming. I saw the Grateful Dead play nearly 20 times, wore tie-dyed t-shirts and had hundreds of bootleg concert tapes, which I traded through the mail.
—With hindsight, I realize that what the Grateful Dead really provided for suburban kids like me was an easily accessible counterculture.

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Ren Hang ‘Human/Nature’ at Capricious 88

The theme is a twine of two strands: the uncanny connection of human bodies and questionable distinction of humanity from nature.


The musical brain

Can music offer the key to treating dementia? By DtgSY9LCharles Leadbeater

Woody Geist started to show signs of Alzheimers at the age of 67. By the time he was 80, plaques had invaded large areas of his brain. His memory was so limited he could remember little about his life, and nothing about what to do with a tube of toothpaste.
—All of which made it all the more remarkable that he could remember the baritone part to almost every song he had ever sung. For more than 40 years, he had been part of a successful 12-man a cappella singing group, the Grunyons. At the age of 80, he couldn’t find his way to the stage to give a performance, but once he was up there in front of an audience he was he pitch perfect; and when he sang, he came alive. No one watching was in any doubt that not only could Woody sing the notes, he could also convey the feeling and meaning of the songs.

Woody Geist’s story, told by Oliver Sacks in his book Musicophilia, is not an isolated case. In most cases of dementia, regardless of whether or not people have had musical training, they retain their capacity to sing, play, whistle, tap, click, clap, drum and dance long after much of the rest of their cognitive apparatus is deeply compromised. Music is often the very last thing to go, especially the embodied memory of music to which people dance or tap out a rhythm. Music anchors patients, Sacks says, in a way that nothing else can, reconnecting them to that sense of self which is in danger of slipping through their fingers. So it can also connect them to other people from whom they often feel estranged. MORE

The Everlasting Forrest Fenn

Five years ago, a legendary art dealer left scale~1300x5000x0x0~0705fffore-1434740261-5his home in Santa Fe, traveled to an undisclosed location somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, and hid a 42‑pound chest filled with priceless treasure. Why? By Taylor Clark
— In the summer of 1988, not long after doctors removed his cancer-plagued right kidney, Forrest Fenn began approaching writers with a curious proposal. As anyone at all acquainted with him knows, Fenn is a rare character — a swashbuckling former fighter pilot who hustled his way into a lucrative business selling art to the stars out of his lavish Santa Fe gallery — yet even by his own standards, the scheme he was suggesting was an odd one. Fenn, then 58, was looking for someone to write his biography, he said. Naturally enough, the book would include stories from his life: tales of being shot down in his F-100 over Laos, of searching for artifacts in deserted canyons, of peddling moccasins to Rockefellers and hand-carved corbels to Spielbergs. Yet this particular biography would have a secondary purpose. It would also act as a cryptic guide to a treasure chest that Fenn was planning to hide somewhere in the Rocky Mountains — along with his own corpse.


The Comic Book Route in Brussels | Amusing Planet

The Comic Book Route in Brussels is a path that takes you along several walls and buildings throughout the inner city of Brussels as well as the neighborhoods of Laeken and Auderghem, where large murals of some of the most popular characters of Franco-Belgian comics are painted – Tintin, Smurf, Asterix, Lucky Luke, Gaston, Gil Jourdan and more. The project, which began in 1991, was initiated by the local authorities in collaboration with the Belgian Comic Strip Center to celebrate Belgium’s long history and association with comic strips.Comic strips are the pride of Belgium. It is the one country where comic strips have grown from a popular medium into an art in its own right. Indeed, with more than 700 comic strip authors, Belgium has more comic strip artists per square kilometer than any other country in the world. In the Belgian capital, you can find dozens of specialized shops, statues, wall paintings, bars and museums dedicated to the art. Nowhere else in this world are comics so strongly rooted in reality and in people’s imagination.


‘Rise of the Robots’ and ‘Shadow Work’

—In the late 20th century, while the blue-collar working class gave way to the forces of 17-cover-sub-master675globalization and automation, the educated elite looked on with benign condescension. Too bad for those people whose jobs were mindless enough to be taken over by third world teenagers or, more humiliatingly, machines. The solution, pretty much agreed upon across the political spectrum, was education. Americans had to become intellectually nimble enough to keep ahead of the job-destroying trends unleashed by technology, both robotization and the telecommunication systems that make outsourcing possible. Anyone who wanted a spot in the middle class would have to possess a college degree — as well as flexibility, creativity and a continually upgraded skill set.
—But, as Martin Ford documents in “Rise of the Robots,” the job-eating maw of technology now threatens even the nimblest and most expensively educated. Lawyers, radiologists and software designers, among others, have seen their work evaporate to India or China. Tasks that would seem to require a distinctively human capacity for nuance are increasingly assigned to algorithms, like the ones currently being introduced to grade essays on college exams. Particularly terrifying to me, computer programs can now write clear, publishable articles, and, as Ford reports, Wired magazine quotes an expert’s prediction that within about a decade 90 percent of news articles will be computer-­generated.

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Las Vegas, June 1964. 35mm Kodachrome.


The Most Dangerous Roads on the Planet: Photos : [slide show at URL]

Some roads are frightening to traverse, due to hazards ranging from hairpin turns, steep cliffs and the risk of bandits. Read on to see some of the most perilous drives on the planet.Above, the Trans-Sahara Highway from Algeria to Nigeria requires drivers to contend with desert heat, sandstorms and in some places violent unrest. Lonely Planet calls the route “a test of mettle and guts which attracts the brave, the foolhardy and the crazy.


Venezuela: Dangerous, but Beautiful

Venezuela is a place of civil unrest and danger; however, it’s a place of tremendous beauty, and is accessible if you’re adventurous enough.


Addiction is not a disease: A neuroscientist argues that it’s time to change our minds on the roots of substance abuse

A psychologist and former addict insists that the illness heroin_spoonmodel for addiction is wrong, and dangerously so
Laura Miller
—The mystery of addiction — what it is, what causes it and how to end it — threads through most of our lives. Experts estimate that one in 10 Americans is dependent on alcohol and other drugs, and if we concede that behaviors like gambling, overeating and playing video games can be addictive in similar ways, it’s likely that everyone has a relative or friend who’s hooked on some form of fun to a destructive degree. But what exactly is wrong with them? For several decades now, it’s been a commonplace to say that addicts have a disease. However, the very same scientists who once seemed to back up that claim have begun tearing it down.

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Same-sex marriage legalized in US – The Big Picture

The US Supreme Court made a historic decision today in a 5-4 ruling establishing same-sex marriage across all 50 states, ending two decades of litigation.–By Lloyd Young



The Lonely End

Three months ago in an apartment on the 143557990656037outskirts of Osaka, Japan, Haruki Watanabe died alone. For weeks his body slowly decomposed, slouched in its own fluids and surrounded by fetid, fortnight-old food. He died of self-neglect, solitude, and a suspected heart problem. At 60, Watanabe, wasn’t old, nor was he especially poor. He had no friends, no job, no wife, and no concerned children. His son hadn’t spoken to him in years, nor did he want to again.


What Did I Just Watch? Sea Star Attacks Explained | Mental Floss



We assume that spineless sea critters like sea stars, worms, and urchins are loafers, idly existing while the real action happens around them. This time-lapse video from the BBC shows us just how wrong we are.An unlikely army of harmless-looking creatures swarms over the corpse of a leopard seal, and what happens next isn’t pretty. A bounty like this comes about once in a decade for these animals, and they’ll feast for months..




Ariana Grande – Break Free


Monk’s Dream – Thelonious Monk – Full Album


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