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The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act was designed to prevent secret surveillance by the president and others.

Source: How Watergate Changed America’s Intelligence Laws – History in the Headlines

Purported CIA documents leaked Tuesday appear to confirm that the U.S. National Security Agency and one of the CIA’s own divisions were responsible for the malware tools and operations attributed to a group that security researchers have dubbed “the Equation.”

Source: Leaked docs suggest NSA and CIA behind Equation cyberespionage group | Computerworld

We may be running into this different cultural approach that we saw with Chelsea Manning, with Edward Snowden, and now, perhaps, with a third actor

Source: Ex-CIA director Hayden says millennials leak secrets because they are ‘culturally’ different

Currently exiled to Moscow, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has been the president of the San Francisco–based nonprofit Freedom of the Press Foundation (FPF) since last year.

Source: Edward Snowden Latest: NSA Whistleblower’s Newest Mission Is Protecting Journalists From Spies

Source: NSA Head: Russian Interference in U.S. Election, ‘Hey, This Happened’

Source: NSA Split From Cyberwar Command Inevitable, Says Former Official

Source: U.S. Intelligence Community Withholding Intel from Trump: WSJ

Source: Former NSA Analyst Claims Intelligence Community Is Furious at Trump

Harold Thomas Martin spent two decades amassing 50 terabytes of sensitive government data.

Source: Ex-NSA Contractor Facing Up to 200 Years in Prison | News & Opinion | PCMag.com

Source: A Good American: a documentary about Bill Binney, an NSA whistleblower who says 9/11 could have been prevented / Boing Boing

The CIA has published nearly 13 million pages of declassified records online thanks to a nonprofit organization called MuckRock, which helps people file Freedom of Information Act requests, along with their pro-bono lawyer and one political agitator. The

Source: 13 Million Pages of Declassified CIA Documents Have Now Been Posted Online » The Event Chronicle

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