John McCain: hero, pow, senator, gop

3 responses to “John McCain: hero, pow, senator, gop

  1. Hypocrites, you hated him when he was running for President and love him now because you hate Trump.

  2. JakeBlaster

    Jake, you loved McCain when he was running for president and now you hate him because Trump told you to.

  3. I did not support him when he was running for President, but held my nose and voted for Palin thinking that it was plausible that he was old enough that he would pass before the end of his term.

    And I do not support him now nor his political positions as a sitting Senator.

    Furthermore, if he cannot attend the Senate and represent his constituents, then I think he should resign.

    That he will not do so, gives me full authority to disagree with him with as much vigor as I can muster.

    But through all of this, I respect his service and think he is a good man with whom I disagree.

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