[Yes. Obama bowed in Japan and yes Obama was a bit subservient in Saudi Arabia. But those nations are allies and never threatened to destroy our nation nor our ally S. Korea]

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  1. Quartermaster

    And your point is?

    Obama gave away the ranch and got nothing in return. All Trump has given is something that can be restarted at a moments notice and signed some mutually agreed to goals. Obama was an incompetent idiot.

    Returning a salute is simply a courtesy. If you want respect, you have to give it. Nothing will change among the NorKs without it.

  2. Modernprimative

    To the writer (cause you sure as hell are no author) of this little whiny piece of drivel, you owe me my time that I wasted in reading it asshole. Seriously do a little research into WW2 and it might put it into perspective about how they came to be one of our allies. Please explain how one is a “little bit subservient” especially the president of the USA, and how that is O.K. Pro tip idiot you can’t. please don’t breed please.

  3. More Fake News.

    The North Korean General saluted Trump and he saluted back. The pair then shook hands.

    It is obvious the author of this hit piece knows nothing about military courtesy (the junior (in this case the North Korean General) initiated the salute).

    Get a clue

  4. I hope trump is visited in jail by his new

  5. Civilians shouldn’t be saluting military anyway, at least not Americans. Military is purposely subservient to civilian Commanders in Chief for a reason, and every President saluting a servicemember takes away from that.

    This isn’t Korea, where the military has the right to act within the country, against civilians if they are so ordered. Military members shouldn’t be honored just because they’re military – the country they represent matters a lot too.

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