6 More Interesting Events of August

A year ago, we scoured every nook and corner of the earth and rounded up some of the strangest festivals celebrated every year in the month of August. We’ve found another bunch that deserves a place on the list, hence this second edition.

Amsterdam Pride

Amsterdam holds one of the most popular Gay Pride celebrations in Europe, drawing revelers from all over to partake at a week’s worth of parties and arts and cultural events, culminating with the famously colorful Amsterdam Canal Parade. Tens of thousands of festival-goers, many dressed in pink or wearing studded leather, party it up at one of the city’s biggest events. A variety of street festivals, circuit-style nightclub parties, arts and cultural presentations, and sporting events are staged throughout the week leading up to the big weekend, starting on Saturday.

On Saturday afternoon some 80 fancifully decorated boats sail through the city’s ancient canals, each with its own theme, pumping out dance music. That evening, the fun continues with more street festivals and parties. More than 300 different events take place in conjunction with Gay Pride Amsterdam.


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