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The golden age of futurism with Sharon Stone


Marilyn Monroe photos show Playboy shoots and her sitting on Robert Wagner’s lap

She loved the camera and the camera loved her. Now in never-before-seen photos obtained by Daily Mail Online Marilyn Monroe’s true charm comes alive while leaving Norma Jeane in the dust.


Confessions of a For-Profit College Inspector

Young, broke, and desperate, I worked at the MTM0MTIxNTYwNzI5NDkwNzA2heart of an emerging nationwide scandal in higher education. Here’s what I saw.


 John Denver


Leaving, On a Jet Plane.

Rocky Mountain High.

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The Longform Guide to Road Trips by David Samuels, Hunter S. Thompson, Joe Hagan, Bryan Curtis, Peter Cooper, Annie Proulx, Paul Theroux, Paul Slansky


photos by jack delano, chicago’s union train station, 1943

Linda Troeller: Living in The Chelsea Hotel is a look at life in the eccentric New York Landmark building (PHOTOS).

By the time Linda Troeller moved into the Chelsea Hotel in 1994, it was already well-known for its legendary list of former residents. Jack Kerouac, Sam Sh


The Incredible Shrinking Incomes of Young Americans

It’s repetitive for some to hear, but important for everybody to know: You can’t explain Millennial economic behavior without explaining that real wages for young Americans have collapsed.


Interesting Vintage Pictures Show Funny Moments of People Riding on Roller-Coasters

These 18 interesting vintage pictures show funny moments that people riding on the roller coasters in the past.


Giving – The Boston Globe

A look around the globe at people in need and the help that many have given to try to make their lives better. From donations to volunteering time, many contribute hoping to make a difference.–By Leanne Burden Seidel


What do we learn about science from a controversy in physics?

By Adam Gobnik

What makes science science? The pious answers are: its ceaseless curiosity in the face of mystery, its keen edge of experimental objectivity, its endless accumulation of new data, and the cool machines it uses. We stare, the scientists see; we gawk, they gaze. We guess; they know.
—But there are revisionist scholars who question the role of scientists as magi. Think how much we take on faith, even with those wonders of science that seem open to the non-specialist’s eye. The proliferation of hominids—all those near-men and proto-men and half-apes found in the fossil record, exactly as Darwin predicted—rests on the interpretation of a few blackened Serengeti mandibles that it would take a lifetime’s training to really evaluate. (And those who have put in the time end up squabbling anyway.)

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1935, walker evans photos, west virginia

 Home for the Holidays by Chris Radant

Home for the HolidaysA survivor’s frightening account.By CHRIS RADANT T’was the night before leaving for Pittsburgh, and Mom called to inform me that it was very cold there. I hid my shock well, though I lived in Boston and it was the end of November. I assured her I’d bring a coat. She said she had called four times before, and hung up when she heard, “that answering machine pick up.” In five weeks, it will be 1990, except at Mom and Dad’s house, where 1956 will never end. Before she could say “See you tomorrow,” Dad interrupted to remind me to get to the airport half an hour before my flight. He said they would be waiting for me “with painted breath.”The next morning would begin the four hellish days spent with my family. Ninety-six hours jam-packed with television, eating and being treated like an idiot.


Human Knowledge Is the Creation of New Information and Brave New Worlds

We treat “information” as an abstraction even though it’s precisely the opposite. It is what shapes us and our private worlds.


The war-hungry women written out of photographic history

Lee Miller was famous for her shots of the second world war, but there were many other women in the line of fire whose photographs have faded into obscurity: meet Gerda Taro, Catherine Leroy and Françoise Demulder


Written on Beasts by Bruce Holsinger

For a thousand years, the societies of the Western world transmitted and preserved much of their written cultures on and between the skins of beasts.


yesterday’s turkey

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Is Farmed Salmon Really Salmon?

The staple fish is having an identity crisis.

The fish market has become the site of an ontological crisis. Detailed labels inform us 7701_350a7f5ee27d22dbe36698b10930ff96where each fillet is from or how it was caught…By Matthew Berger

he fish market has become the site of an ontological crisis. Detailed labels inform us where each fillet is from or how it was caught or whether it was farmed or wild-caught. Although we can now tell the farmed salmon from the wild, the degree of differences or similarities between the two defies straightforward labels. When a fish—or any animal—is removed from its wild habitat and domesticated over generations for human consumption, it changes—both the fish and our perception of it. The farmed and wild both say “salmon” on their labels, but are they both equally “salmon?” When does the label no longer apply?

This crisis of identity is ours to sort out; not the fish’s. For us, the salmon is an icon of the wild, braving thousand-mile treks through rivers and oceans, leaping up waterfalls to spawn or be caught in the clutches of a grizzly bear.

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Stop Reverting to Childhood on Your Visit Home


It is not easy.


Malwarebytes exposes adware that disables antivirus

Malwarebytes has issued a detailed report explaining the various tricks Vonteera adware uses to compromise your PC — and it makes for uncomfortable reading. Unwanted adverts, unknown Windows servi…


Allen Agostino photographs New York’s The Hole where the city’s forgotten live | Daily Mail Online

Toronto photographer Allen Agostino, 29, became enthralled by the stories of people living in The Hole, an area of eastern Brooklyn not connected to the sewer system.


Cops freaking out about new marijuana


Shatter is a type of cannabis concentrate that resembles honey or taffy. It allegedly can be inhaled for a stronger high per hit than marijuana buds.


Haunting chalkboard drawings, frozen in time for 100 years, discovered in Oklahoma school

The Oklahoma City School District will work to preserve the chalkboards which carry lessons on pilgrims.



Vitamin Mind

Coffee has a history that


Coffee has a history that’s maybe longer than mankind. So can caffeine be considered a vitamin?
—Thier_logo-loThe earliest record of coffee drinking as we know it comes from Yemen, near the end of the fifteenth century, when the beverage was popular among Sufi mystics. It pleases some historians to imagine that the Sufis began making the beverage when they learned about tea during a visit from Chinese treasure fleets. The story has a tidy logic and it’s unverified. The origins of this beverage are a matter of fantasy and myth.

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Telling the Truth About ISIS and Raqqa

The group Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently faces unceasing peril from ISIS as its members smuggle out information about what’s happening in their city.


This Old Man – a repost of a classic

Life in the nineties.


Camming Is Not Like Any Other Kind of Sex Work

Live, Interactive, and Relationship-Based, Camming Is Changing Sex on the Internet


What’s That You Axe



Beth Shapiro on De-Extinction | Five Books

Five Books


Entertainers, Eccentrics, Etc, Postcards

Jimmie Ruth & "Rusty", Child Evangelism, Vocal & Instrumental Gospel Music.


SEAL Team 6: A Secret History of Quiet Killings and Blurred Lines

The unit best known for killing Osama bin Laden has been converted into a global manhunting machine with limited outside oversight.


The Realmonte Salt Mine in Sicily


Savage Love – sexual advice …Dan answers reader’s questions

Fresh Air


Philip-Lorca diCorcia on ‘A Storybook Life’: Circular Narratives, Dream States and Doing What You Like

“I was drawing upon things that I’ve learned and those are not necessarily intellectual things.” Dorian Devens and Philip-Lorca diCorcia,  2003 PLDC: I don’t consider myself to be an intellectual, you know, I think I’ve met enough intellectuals to know what a really smart person is… analytical I might be, but, you know, one of …


Random Useful Websites

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How the Most Extreme Trips on Erowid Transformed Modern Drug Culture

How Erowid harnessed the communitarian spirit of the early web to change the way we use and understand drugs.


The Desert Town Built around a Real-Life Mirage


The secret history of spots, stripes and other everyday patterns



Today we have a picture of the Canadian Welcome Wagon. It is from 1905, and looks to be a drivable trolley type car. The car sports all type of advertisements for visiting or relocating to Canada.


13 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Retail Store Employees | Mental Floss

Your butt can have a negative impact on their sales.


The story of a radicalisation: ‘I was not thinking my thoughts. I was not myself’

Maysa, a teenager from Brussels, was a music fan and a ‘ray of sunshine’ at school. But an encounter on social media had changed her within a year