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Nicotine exposure escalates rats’ desire for alcohol

Nerve cells implicated in coexistence of drinking, smoking problems


Modernist Tallinn Architecture

Modernist Tallinn Architecture

Clean, futuristic lines respectfully superimposed over the noble past: 21st Century Estonian Architecture
—Most people would name Finland and Sweden as world-leading countries for modernist architecture and design in general, but the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have developed quite a top-tier roster of impressive buildings as well, which, combined with a long history of architectural innovation (see, for example, the blossoming of Art Nouveau in Riga and Vilnius in the 1910s, or the early adoption of 1920s German constructivism) – added to proud medieval towers and soaring cathedrals – creates unique, highly-sophisticated urban feel; a truly delectable blend of old and new architectural styles.


Carl Perkins-Blue Suede Shoes.mp3


Who Millennials trust, and don’t trust, is driving the new economy


Cabo Polonio: An Idyllic Tourist Village Without Electricity, Running Water or TV | Amusing Planet

Cabo Polonio is a small beach village located at the tip of a sliver of sand jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean in the eastern coast of Uruguay in the Rocha Department. At the outermost point, stands a grand lighthouse looking out over two rocky islands where a large colony of sea lions live. The lighthouse is the only structure in the entire village that is connected to the power grid. None of the few hundred houses here have electricity or running water, not even sewerage. Only a handful of businesses and houses have generators or solar panels or use wind power to light their homes, but most people make do without. Fresh water is obtained from well or by collecting rain water.
—Cabo Polonio is kept isolated from the rest of the country by a wide region of shifting sand dunes. The village is located about 7 km from the main highway but there are no roads leading to Cabo Polonio. The only way to reach it is by walking across the sand or by a 4×4 vehicle.


Bill Haley & The Comets-(We’re Gonna) Rock Around The Clock


street art

…Roy Lichtenstein… via.

Japanese soldier about to commit suicide with a grenade against his head while an Australian soldier watches (New Guinea, December 18, 1942)

Hill of Crosses: Lithuanian Landmark, Story of Hope, Defiance, Faith & Freedom [PICS]

Nearly 185 years ago, Lithuanians placed the first crosses on this hill which has become a sacred pilgrimage site. After researching the Hill of Crosses, we’d like to tell you the story of the people and site as it’s become a symbol of hope, of religious perseverance, of faith and even of freedom for Lithuanian people. [65 Photos]


The US Carried Out 674 Military Operations in Africa Last Year. Did You Hear About Any of Them?

For three days, wearing a kaleidoscope of camouflage jy6HIo7patterns, they huddled together on a military base in Florida. They came from US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) and US Army Special Operations Command, from France and Norway, from Denmark, Germany, and Canada: 13 nations in all. They came to plan a years-long “Special Operations-centric” military campaign supported by conventional forces, a multinational undertaking that—if carried out—might cost hundreds of millions, maybe billions, of dollars and who knows how many lives.
—Ask the men involved and they’ll talk about being mindful of “sensitivities” and “cultural differences,” about the importance of “collaboration and coordination,” about the value of a variety of viewpoints, about “perspectives” and “partnerships.” Nonetheless, behind closed doors and unbeknownst to most of the people in their own countries, let alone the countries fixed in their sights, a coterie of Western special ops planners were sketching out a possible multinational military future for a troubled region of Africa.


5 Tech Predictions You Should Actually Pay Attention To –


Bobby Rydell-Wild One.mp3


Lauren Fleishman: The Lovers looks at couples who have been together more than fifty years (PHOTOS).


Scientists in Kenya find oldest known tools on earth.


America’s lobbying addiction


Death’s Doorman: 1919

Somewhere in San Francisco circa 1919. “Woman alighting from Marmon limousine.” At first this would seem to be all about the car, until we notice the pedestrian with the influenza face mask, and sign advertising what seems to be an appearance by the actress Aurora Mardiganian in connection with ARMENIAN MASSACRES…. via.

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Portraits of Ukrainian Prisoners by Michal Chelbin

Michal Chelbin
Natalia, Sentenced for Stabbing, Juvenile prison for Girls, Ukraine 2009

Michal Chelbin is a professional photographer, who was born in Israel, 1974. Her portrait sittings sometimes lasted for hours, Chelbin never asking about the crime committed until after the portrait was finished. Sailboats and Swans is currently on display at Andrea Meislin Gallery in New York through January 19th, 2013. The monograph was published this fall by Twin Palms Publishers.


Holocaust film reveals long-hushed child sex abuse

Holocaust film reveals long-hushed child sex abuse
Airing on eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day, documentary shines light on a topic historians have largely avoided
A child who was sexually abused or raped during the Holocaust. From ‘Screaming Silence’ documentary film. (photo credit: courtesy)
—A documentary film premiering Wednesday evening on Israeli television sheds light on a dark corner of what is already the blackest of historical events. “Screaming Silence,” which will be broadcast on the eve of Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day, is about a topic which few, even World War II scholars, have dared to broach in public before: sexual abuse of children during the Holocaust.

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Hand Me Downs


Today’s picture shows a dust storm in Boise City, Oklahoma. The picture was taken in 1936. What a dry hopeless scene this is…. via.

The Supersized Ghost City


Shooting Film: Brianna Ortega – 5 things I love about Film

Brianna Ortega is an American photographer, based-in Portland, Oregon. She works on both film and digital, but mostly with film. “Themes and issues concerning the ocean and identity within the context of the surrounding environment continue to inform my work. I hope to collaborate with others in the future on film photo projects. I can appreciate digital photography, but my heart lives for film.”


38 Amazing Black and White Photographs of New York’s Teenagers in the 1970s


6 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Supermarkets | Mental Floss


Secrets of the Tax-Prep Business


Simple mindfulness meditation technique


The Terrible Things I Learned About My Dad

These are some of the things I found when cleaning out my dad’s house after he died: his rainbow of karate belts and black belt certificates (1st and 2nd degree), a framed picture of us dancing together at a black-tie gala, the 387 type-written pages of his memoir, one 3 x 5 index card and one small square of paper etched with his handwriting, and almost a hundred letters from women my dad met on
—My dad had been corresponding with—and in some cases, actually meeting – the Russian women for thirteen years. I don’t know if he was looking for love, or just sex, or something more enigmatic (as if love and sex are so simple). In my dad’s four-thousand-square-foot house in Denver, I found dozens of file folders and binders containing hundreds of webpage printouts featuring a woman’s picture, her name, her height and weight, her location, maybe her profession, and her catalogue number. I found receipts from Western Union, showing my dad had wired money to several women — $200 here, $150 there – and sent gifts from Victoria’s Secret. I found nearly a hundred letters written to him on wispy airmail paper and accompanied by photos: some simple headshots, many garish poses intended to look sexy, and a few so dour that you’d have to wonder not just about the sorrows of the woman pictured, but the sorrows of any man who would look at the photo and say, “That’s the mate for me.”

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Eight nutrients to protect the aging brain

Brain health is the second most important component in maintaining a healthy lifestyle according to a 2014 AARP study. As people age they can experience a range of cognitive issues from decreased critical thinking to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. In the March issue of Food Technology published by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), contributing editor Linda Milo Ohr writes about eight nutrients that may help keep your brain in good shape.

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The shroud of secrecy around US drone strikes abroad must be lifted

The Texas-born Mohanad Mahmoud Al Farekh narrowly escaped a strike and is now standing before an American court. Others are not so lucky

via READ.

Unexpected Views Of Famous Historic Moments

An injured survivor of the Hindenburg smokes as he is carried to safety. [6 May, 1937]


Incirlik Turkey Drone Base

Mapping the launch pads for Obama’s secret wars.

By Micah Zenko and Emma Welch

May 29, 2012

Last November, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu announced that four U.S. Predator drones would be deployed to Incirlik, a massive air base primarily used by U.S. and Turkish forces that serves as a staging point for regional air operations. (In general, four aircraft are required to provide around-the-clock surveillance over a particular area of interest — one airborne while the others take off, land, refuel, or undergo maintenance.) The four Predators are launched and recovered by 15 U.S. airmen from 414th Expeditionary Reconnaissance Squadron, while the Nevada-based contractor Battlespace Flight Services flies the drones. Real-time intelligence from the Predators is transmitted via satellite link to the combined intelligence fusion cell in Ankara. The cell, opened in November 2007 to process surveillance imagery from U.S. manned and unmanned systems flying over Iraq, is staffed by Turkish and U.S. military personnel working side by side to provide targeting information on suspected members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, for strikes by Turkish F-16s in Turkey or Northern Iraq. According to reports, on Dec. 28, a Predator provided video imagery of a caravan of suspected PKK militants near the Turkish border. After Turkish officers directed the drone to fly elsewhere, Turkish aircraft attacked the caravan with four sorties, reportedly killing 34 civilians.


Index of /Jerry Lee Lewis



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the wade brothers photography


Chimps That Hunt Offer a New View on Evolution

Studies of hunters and gatherers — and of chimpanzees, which 89s70qXare often used as stand-ins for human ancestors — have cast bigger, faster and more powerful males in the hunter role.
—Now, a 10-year study of chimpanzees in Senegal shows females playing an unexpectedly big role in hunting and males, surprisingly, letting smaller and weaker hunters keep their prey.
—The results do not overturn the idea of dominant male hunters, said Jill D. Pruetz of Iowa State University, who led the study. But they may offer a new frame of reference on hunting, tools and human evolution. “We need to broaden our perspective,” she said.

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A Jewish child dying on a street in the Warsaw Ghetto as non-Jewish youth walk by – circa 1942

As part of the American terrorist group SLA heiress, Patricia Campbell Hearst, robbing the Hibernia Bank in San Francisco 9:40 A.M. April 15, 1974

There’s never been a safer time to be a kid in America – The Washington Post


Reading Racist Literature -

Of the many passages that gave me pause when I first read “Lady q68OXwDChatterley’s Lover,” in high school, the one I remember the most clearly is this conversation between Connie, Clifford, and the Irish writer Michaelis:
— “I find I can’t marry an Englishwoman, not even an Irishwoman…”
— “Try an American,” said Clifford.
— “Oh, American!” He laughed a hollow laugh. “No, I’ve asked my man if he will find me a Turk or something…something nearer to the Oriental.”
— Connie really wondered at this queer, melancholy specimen.
—For many readers, this exchange might have slipped by unnoticed. But, as a Turkish American, I couldn’t prevent myself from registering all the slights against Turkish people that I encountered in European books. In “Heidi,” the meanest goat is called “the Great Turk.”


Vintage Snapshots of ‘Dangerous’ Women from between the 1930s and 1950s


Pictures of Belsen released 70 years after liberation

Infamous: This is the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany as it appeared in the days after it was liberated by British and Canadian troops, adorned with the German Reichskriegs flag (left) and a portrait of Hitler (right)