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Willie Nelson’s Weed Empire


Marijuana’s state-by-state march toward full legalization would never have happened without Willie Nelson. He’s 82 now, and he’s spent nearly half his life as America’s most famous stoner. But this fall he’ll be making the leap from aficionado to entrepreneur. What Paul Newman did for tomato sauce, what Francis Coppola did for Cabernet, Willie Nelson is hoping to do for weed


Salvos More Titillated Than Thou

How the Amish conquered the evangelical romance marketBikadoroffAmishLovB27.3_34rgb-838x1158
—-Peering out from a wire rack in a grocery store was a religious vision of sorts: a paperback romance novel that neatly summed up classic yearning, confining cultural norms, and the hazards of defiled purity. At the center of all this familiar masscult longing and inner turmoil was an unlikely heroine: a young Amish woman, barefoot, clutching a suitcase, her white-bonneted head turned away from a mysterious man in the foreground. Here, plopped down in a hormonally charged set piece, was a figure straight out of the homey folk tradition known as Amish country pastoral. Though this pious woman couldn’t seem more out of place, the book is called Found ; it is the third entry in a series called The Secrets of Crittenden County. There were other books, too, in the rack—The Quilter’s Daughter, Leaving Lancaster—clearly meant to evoke the remote corner of central Pennsylvania where we were standing.

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Joggers and pigeons


Creative and neurotic: Is neuroticism fueled by overthinking?

Isaac Newton was a classic neurotic. He was a brooder and a worrier, prone to dwelling on the scientific problems before him as well as his childhood sins. But Newton also had creative breakthroughs–thoughts on physics so profound that they are still part of a standard science education.

In a Trends in Cognitive Sciences Opinion paper published August 27, psychologists present a new theory for why neurotic unhappiness and creativity go hand-in-hand. The authors argue that the part of the brain responsible for self-generated thought is highly active in neuroticism, which yields both of the trait’s positives (e.g., creativity) and negatives (e.g., misery).

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Index  Hot 100 Singles Chart (17 Jan 2015)



metanews is the original news aggregator, est. 1997. A pane of glass to start the internet


The Ice Bucket Challenge Led to a Major Breakthrough in ALS Research | Mental Floss

Here’s the difference $220 million in donations made.



The Astonishing Eggs of Alien Nations

Amazing Insect Eggs


Oliver Sacks, 1933-2015

Our favorite articles [10] by the neurologist and writer, who died Sunday.

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Boy Interrupted

Boy Interrupted looks at the life of Evan Perry a 15-year-old boy from New York who committed suicide in 2005. The film made by his parents Dana and Hart examines how Evan’s bipolar disorder and depression affected his life and the life of his family.

A single gene turns colorectal cancer cells back into normal tissue in mice | EurekAlert! Science News


Anti-cancer strategies generally involve killing off tumor cells. However, cancer cells may instead be coaxed to turn back into normal tissue simply by reactivating a single gene, according to a study published June 18 in the journal Cell. Researchers found that restoring normal levels of a human colorectal cancer gene in mice stopped tumor growth and re-established normal intestinal function within only four days.


Baseball is and will always be the one true American pastoral

Basking in the midday sun at a ballpark is medicine against the frenzy of the modern day – and provides an experience reflective of the arc of our own lives


You’re the Cream in My Coffee: Ruth Etting

Post by @MissRy.

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The Mexican Hitman and ‘The White Boy’

In the middle of a drug-gang turf war, a hired killer shares his secrets.
—CHILAPA DE ÁLVAREZ, Mexico — It’s a little past 10 o’clock on a Thursday night, and the last taco vendors in Chilapa’s central park are packing up to go home—but the cartel assassin known as “El Chimino” has just started his late shift.
—Rival gang members, striking deep into his boss’s territory, now pose a growing threat—and Chimino must hunt down the competition.
—He cruises methodically around the park tonight, using a cartel-owned taxi for cover. He’s accompanied by two more hitmen under his command, their weapons stashed beneath the seats. At major intersections the driver parks in the shadows between streetlights, and the men recon the town square on foot. The invaders call themselves the Ardillos (squirrels), and they’ve already murdered many of Chimino’s band. His orders from the boss: to attack on sight.

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10 tunes from Metallica


Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 8.43.25 AM

From the tender age of four, rampant masturbation was my secret shame. It took an awkward sex ed class at a Christian private school to inadvertently teach me I wasn’t alone.


The Story Of Jack Nicholson’s Wild And Womanizing Hollywood Years

The true story of Jack Nicholson’s wild years as a young actor in Hollywood.


Amazon’s No Outlier: The Science Behind Broken Work Cultures

Research shows that the better our reasons for working, the better we work. And it isn’t just Amazon that should take note.


Louise Fili photographs Parisian signs in her book, Graphique de la Rue: The Signs of Paris.

Starting in her early 20s, Louise Fili spent years wandering the streets of Paris, photographing the beautiful old signs she saw along the way. She was beginning to discover graphic design at the time, and her documentation of the vernacular signs was for for her own reference and enjoyment.


Your one-stop cure for racial injustice denialism

Help me compile a list of links to specific, credible studies (and accessible summaries thereof) which demonstrate that anti-black racism is alive and well in America.
I am fed the fuck up with my fellow Caucasoids who refuse to acknowledge that systemic racism exists in the US.
At the same time, I don’t believe that these folks are malicious, for the most part. I think they’re just ignorant, and have difficulty absorbing ideas which conflict with their existing (if tragically mistaken) belief that America is basically a fair, meritocratic, color-blind place where one’s success is directly proportional to one’s effort.
—I’d like to create a single-serving Web site which concisely lays out the evidence that systemic racism does exist. Something I can link people to when they start babbling about “white lives matter too” or whatever nonsense. (Can you tell this just happened to me?)


Iron-collared and corseted

[the evolution of clothing]

There’s nothing natural about clothes. Some people like to think thatp12_Mika_1170627h what they wear is free from artifice. But it never is. Clothes shape, reshape, highlight, squeeze, falsify, constrain our bodies; they signal ideals of beauty, social etiquette or morality. Those shoulder pads, little plastic stiffeners in shirt collars, push-up bras and contouring underwear in our wardrobes today are the successors of starched neck ruffs, padded codpieces, hoop petticoats, girdles and stomach belts – structuring mechanisms, that work on our body’s silhouette to bring it into line with what we think we ought to look like.

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Tens of thousands of ‘burners’ put a plague of bugs and a sandstorm behind them to begin a week of debauchery at Burning Man

Tens of thousands of festival goers began flocking to the five-mile stretch of desert in Nevada Sunday for the official start of Burning Man, which will last for a week.


The Good Bagel Manifesto

For the past couple months I’ve been on a quest to find the best bagel in San Francisco. This led me to a shocking realization: there are really, really bad bagels everywhere, and I’m not just talking in the convenience stores or supermarkets—places you’d expect bad bagels. I’m talking at honest to goodness bagel specialty shops. I wanted to share with you guys my thoughts on what makes a great bagel great.\n\nWord of warning: I’m about to get as opinionated as I ever get. You will most likely be offended by at least one or two things I say. Your concept of what is good and bad in the world of bagels will be challenged. You may even feel like I’m personally attacking you for your preferences. That’s because I am. This is far too important an issue for live and let live to apply. We’re talking significance of a which-side-of-the-bread-do-you-butter level here, so I I’m not holding back any punches. Feel free to come right back at me. I will defend myself to the bitter, un-toasted end.


No Time to Be Nice at Work

We’re rude at work, and it’s hurting profits, health and happiness.




Roberto Esquivel Cabrera: World’s biggest penis ruined its owner’s life

ROBERTO Esquivel Cabrera has just set a world record for having the longest penis.



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Scars of World War I: The Battlefield of Beaumont-Hamel

The village of Beaumont-Hamel, in northern France, was 144096517519199one of the fortress villages located just behind the German lines during the Battle of the Somme. It was here, on July 1st 1916, one of the most destructive battles of World War One took place where nearly an entire regiment of the Canadian Army was wiped out.On the morning of July 1st 1916 the 1st Newfoundland Regiment of the Canadian Army was ordered into battle as part of the opening phase of the Battle of the Somme. Their assignment was to seize control of the German trenches near the village of Beaumont Hamel. It was a strategically difficult assignment. The German front lines were about 300 to 500 meters away from where the Newfoundland Regiment was stationed, down a grassy slope and heavily guarded by a three-tiered system of well dug forward trenches shielded with extensive protective wire, that presented a formidable obstacle to any attacking force. Besides, the Germans knew when an attack was going to st


Nell Dorr, Rosa- Alone with the sea, 1929 (28.1982)

In May of this year the Gunn Memorial Library and Museum opened a retrospective of Nell Dorr’s work in her hometown Washington, Conn. In it a series of oral histories with people who knew the photographer, talk about her work and life.

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You can start a job and learn to love it later

Americans tend to believe in “following your passion” to a profession. A new study shows there’s another way to end up enjoying your job.


street art

2 by Bruce

Bruce Springsteen – Murder Incorporated.mp3

Bruce Springsteen – Streets of Philadelphia.mp3

American Dream: 1960″Two-car families.” Columbus, Georgia, circa 1960. Three Fords, an Oldsmobile and a Pontiac.


Rise of the imperial plutocracy: New research is exposing the stunning domination of global super-elites

We already know that American government only responds to the wishes of the few. But what about other nations?


Flo Razowsky photographs borders around the world in her series, “Up Against The Wall.”


Coping with Hurricane Katrina

In the anarchy that followed Hurricane Katrina, two women found themselves running unofficial shelters for thousands of displaced people.


Love Boat Rejects: Unforgettable Photos Of People On Cruise Ships In The 1990s – Flashbak




Eugene Richards: ‘Cocaine True, Cocaine Blue’


very odd coffins

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Prince Edward Island: Biking the Confederation Trail

Here’s one writers story about biking Canada’s 273 kilometer Confederation Trail


Rare Photos of Jesse James’ Life – The Most Famous Member of the James-Younger Gang

Here are some rare photos of Jesse James, also known as Jesse Woodson James, from a kid to his dead.


America’s growing love affair with the most wasteful thing to drink there is


Bottled water is so hot right now. But it shouldn’t be.

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The Pros and Cons of Populism

[I usually avoid politics but this is of general interest for American voters]

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump harness its appeal—and demonstrate its limits.