David S. Allee: “Frame of View” focuses on what’s real and what isn’t (PHOTOS).

Room (ed. 2, 2013)

David S. Allee.

Photographer David S. Allee’s process for creating a new series is a roundabout, albeit focused process.

His latest work, “Frame of View” currently on display at the Morgan Lehman Gallery in New York City until Feb. 16, is a perfect example of his routine.

“I usually have one project I’m focusing on but often have many other projects in the back of my mind for several years,” explained Allee about his current show. “Probably for the last 10 years I have occasionally been taking a picture thinking it would one day become this project. … Most of the images (in the show) are pretty recent, but one is from 10 years ago, another five years.”


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