Death of a ballplayer


Take me to the mission,

to the mission, to the place

where it’s safe William Michael Dillon, “The Mission” from Black Robes and Lawyers

Part 1: Billy Dillon’s Last Normal Day

William Dillon watched moonlit waves crash into the sand as he smoked a joint. It was Aug. 22, 1981 in Canova Beach, Fla., and Dillon, better known as Billy, sat in the Canova Beach parking lot in the passenger seat of a Monte Carlo driven by his younger half-brother Joe. They were about to hit one of their favorite bars, the Pelican (now the Key West Bar), across the street on state road A1A. Then they saw a man and a woman walking straight at them.

“Shit,” Billy said. He stuffed out the joint in his palm.

The man tapped on Billy’s window. They were agents with the Brevard County Sheriff’s office – but this wasn’t about weed. They wanted to talk about a murder.


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