How One Construction Worker Deals with Injuries Without Insurance

Walter White is a 40-year-old construction worker, and that’s not his real name. He doesn’t have health insurance, and hasn’t for years. We spoke recently about how that’s worked out for him.

Logan Sachon: You do construction work.

Walter White: Yeah, I’m an independent contractor, a mercenary, ha. I do everything. Some plumbing, some electric, any kind of construction, really.

LS: Which is a physical job.

WW: Oh yeah. I get hurt all the time. I get cut all the time. If I get cut, I use electrical tape, the glue seems to kill stuff, and it’s way cheaper than bandaids. Sometimes I’ll use those butterfly stitches if I need to, and then I’ll also use an antibiotic ointment. I get cut constantly. I’ve never stitched myself, though I did superglue a cut once.

LS: How’d that work out?

WW: Good. Healed up.


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