Little-Known Factoids About Well-Known Grateful Dead Lyrics

note: a “factoid” can mean one of two things: 1. a made up fact that has appeared in print but is not true, 2. a trival fact of little consequence.

For the casual fan of the Grateful Dead, it’s probably one of the more easily overlooked complexities of the band’s repertoire that a good portion of well-known lyrics contain a variety of little known anecdotes and clever references spanning everything from Greek mythology and timeless nursery rhymes to classic literature. This is attributable to the fact that in addition to being the only non-performing member of a band ever inducted to the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame and co-writer of the majority of the band’s best material (as well as a bit of Bob Dylan’s), longtime Dead lyricist Robert Hunter (born Robert Burns) was a well studied poet, storyteller and literary translator.


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