lucky dip: 5 articles

Source: Emotional intelligence helps make better doctors: Study finds physicians in training have high level of emotional intelligence — ScienceDaily

Source: Why Did Life Move to Land? For the View | Quanta Magazine

Neanderthals likely consumed a plant-based diet that included mushrooms and pine nuts, while also self-medicating with penicillin and a form of aspirin, according to a new analysis of dental calculus led by an international team of researchers and published in the journal Nature. The study, led by Laura S. Weyrich from the University of Adelaide […]

Source: Neanderthals were vegetarian- and probably kissed early humans – Redorbit

Source: What’s happening in our bodies as we age? | Cosmos

Source: Life, death, math, and efficiency: The quest to solve US organ transplant woes | Ars Technica

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