Mighty Brow


While watching Pollock for maybe the sixth time, I found myself intrigued anew by Ed Harris as the titular splatter king. Once again, I wondered what it was about his performance that kept me tuned in. It could have been the conviction with which he conveyed his alter ego’s determination to express himself as an artist. It could have been the balletic grace with which he dripped and dropped his paint. Then it hit me: It was his brow.


Stop Freaking Out: Fukushima Isn’t Mutating the Daisies 


A picture of some deformed plant sex organs is alarming people all over the internet this week. The photo, taken by Twitter user @san_kaido, shows a bunch of daisies that look like conjoined twins. The accompanying tweet describes their twisted, ribbonlike appearance, and reports a radiation reading for the spot.



“Impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools.” – Napoleon Bonaparte


Working summers at an authentically quaint roadside produce stand, a teenage salesperson is schooled in the not-so-subtle art of how to con a foodie from the big city.


Mazviita Chirimuuta Tells Us How We Should Be Defining Color

Philosophers have a bad reputation for casting unwarranted doubt on established facts. Little could be more certain than your belief…


10 Beautiful Places In The World That Actually Exist

Fantastical places exist not only in movies and fairy tales, but in the real world too! You’ve got to see these places to believe it.


is your job killing you? find out!

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The invisible network that keeps the world running



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Russian Tomb Stones Will Blow Your Mind


Sugary drinks may cause type 2 diabetes regardless of size, research says

Findings from Cambridge University support recent government recommendations to cut down sugar consumption, especially in drinks


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Romania’s ‘Sewer People’ Have Been Raided by Police

Police in Romania have raided the underground community which is said to be largely made up of children released from the country’s orphanages in 1989 and who had nowhere to go but beneath the streets.


Striking Photographs of the Ancient Tradition of Honey Hunting in Nepal

Documentary travel photographer Andrew Newey 1082143398recently went on an expedition to central Nepal, where he spent two weeks living with the Gurung tribespeople in order to document the ancient art of honey hunting. In these photos, Newey captures the risks and skills involved with this tradition, which few outsiders have seen either in person or in images. Perched precariously on rope ladders, honey hunters risk their lives to gather the honey, using only long sticks known as tangos to knock the honeycomb off the Himalayan cliffside and into baskets, which are then lowered to the ground.Shot with clarity and thoughtfulness, these striking photographs not only provide a glimpse of the Gurung honey hunters’ unique lifestyle, but also serve to chronicle the death of this old tradition. Honey hunting is threatened by several things: the decreasing number of honeybees due to climate change; the dwindling number of honey hunters, as more and more young people in the tribe are reluctant to learn…


The Salt Lake Tuz of Turkey


Skin deep: macabre Mütter Museum to open exhibit examining our largest organ

The Philadelphia museum, home of anatomical oddities from the seventh century BC onward, has a preserved tattoo, a book bound in human skin and a compulsive skin-picker’s jarred peelings for an exhibit launching in December



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Dying like an American: spaceflight, coral reefs, and other wild ways to get buried


From the Hindenberg to Marilyn Monroe, 10 moments from the new archival footage released to YouTube

The Associated Press and British Movietone are uploading more than 550,000 clips to YouTube that feature news events dating back to 1895, becoming the largest collection of archival news content on the video sharing website.


The Woman Who Fell to Earth

Portrait by Martin FengelJuliane Koepcke was born a German juliane-koepckenational in Lima, Peru, in 1954, the daughter of a world-renowned zoologist (Hans-Wilhelm) and an equally revered ornithologist (Maria). As a teenager, Juliane was enrolled at a Peruvian high school. Her parents were stationed several hundred miles away, manning a remote research outpost in the heart of the Amazon. Juliane herself was no stranger to the swelteringly harsh Amazonian environment and was well versed in the inner workings of its volatile ecosystem. It was this knowledge that would later save her life.On Christmas Eve 1971, only hours after her high school graduation ceremony, 17-year-old Juliane and her mother boarded a plane that was to cross the Peruvian rain forest. They were heading home to celebrate Christmas with her father. The plane flew into a volatile thunderstorm and was obliterated in seconds—killing all 92 passengers except for Juliane. After being thought dead for 11 days, she emerged from the jungle and was reunited with her father.


The Best Articles Of The Week, Summarized

In this week’s edition of the Long-Reader’s Digest: The man who has been flying the world non-stop for over a year, the USSR’s incredible quest to map the world, and a failed West African coup group by a group of American citizens.


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Bruce Springstein – Born In The USA.mp3

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What You May Have Missed in the Sandra Bland Video

[two videos at link]
And it has nothing to do with the arrest itself.

The attention-grabbing arrest of Sandra Bland at the side of a Texas road on July 10 isn’t all that is depicted in the dash-cam video released late yesterday by the state’s Department of Public Safety. There’s also a quieter conversation, about halfway through the 52-plus minute video (and well after the arrest has been made), between the arresting officer, Brian Encinia, and his sergeant.



Against Honeymoons

The honeymoon confusedly tries to commemorate something sensual and spontaneous—the honeyed early times of marriage.


The Life of an Auschwitz Guard


This article has been perfectly formatted for maximum reading comprehension


Red Cloud

This is his farewell address to the Lakota people on July 4, 1903


‘Black Beverly Hills’ debates historic status vs. white gentrification

View Park residents walk to Monteith Park for a twilight showing of the movie “The Wiz.” (Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times)
—Longtime residents of View Park have a thinly veiled code for the signs of change they see in their upscale neighborhood: “joggers” … “dog walkers.”
—“It’s like an alien sighting,” says Karen Martin, who grew up in this hilltop community framed by La Brea Avenue and Crenshaw Boulevard. “We never saw them before.”
—But now they are back. White people. With fluffy dogs. And fluorescent Spandex.

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Marilyn Monroe​ at the opening of the USA-Israel Football International, at Ebbets Field in 1959

Top 10 Existential Novels

A Top 10 cult_fiction list, Top 10 Existential Novels, presented by Alternative Reel

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When Upward Mobility Becomes a Health Hazard

When striving becomes a health hazard


Tim Flach’s fine animal portraiture

Tim Flach, the renowned UK photographer, is exhibiting a series of animal portraits at the Retina Scottish International Photography Festival, Edinburgh. His work, which often examines the anthropomorphism of creatures in an abstract way, is on display at 11 Gayfield Square until 30 July.



photo manipulation

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~ We don’t think too much about paintings happening over time. For most of the history of painting, the making of it is not what’s being brought to our attention. A painting exists as a sealed entity, always ready, always fresh for us to view it, again and again and again. Unless something bad happens, it remains essentially the same. Finished. Even if we don’t like the work, we assume it’s supposed to look like that.


One wave of migration from Siberia populated the Americas, DNA shows

Study also reveals some groups in South America have closer genetic ties to indigenous peoples of Australia, New Guinea and the Andaman Islands than to present-day Native Americans


Stone tablet tells tale of early Maya king

A newly discovered stela that dates to the 5th century CE adds a new wrinkle to how much the ancient Maya valued and worked to preserve their own history.

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‘Earth 2.0′ Kepler 452b is most similar planet to ours, Nasa says

Named Kepler-452b, it is the smallest planet to date discovered orbiting in the habitable zone of a sun-like star. The planet, 1,400 light years away, has the same size orbit as Earth.

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Call off the bee-pocalypse: U.S. honeybee colonies hit a 20-year high

How the free market saved us from beemageddon.


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Inside Chicago’s Endless Cycle of Gun Violence


How the death of a beloved basketball star led to more killing