California’s Drought Could Last For Centuries

New research says climate change could be recreating prehistoric conditions, turning California into a desert.


A fatal tick-borne disease is now spreading in western Europe

A tick-borne disease that kills up to 30 percent of infected people has been caught spreading locally in western Europe for the first time.


Andrew Sullivan: My Distraction Sickness — and Yours

An endless bombardment of news and gossip and images has rendered us manic information addicts. It broke me. It might break you, too.


These are the four most common personality types – which are you? 

No two humans are exactly alike but researchers believe there are just a few main personality types most of us can be classified into.


Grandpa Gets Granddaughter Ridiculously Huge Teddy Bear, And The Internet Just Cannot Bear It

If there’s one thing all grandparents have in common, it’s that they love spoiling their grandchildren. Whether it’d be with food or gifts – they’re always there to cheer the kids up. One grandpa from San Jose definitely didn’t hold back when it came to spoiling his lovely 5-month-old granddaughter – Madeline Jane.


US-Canada Border Slash – United States / Canada

The entire length of the US-Canada border is marked by a 20-foot-wide slash through the trees


NSA Closely Involved in Guantánamo Interrogations, Documents Show

The files, from Snowden, show the NSA worked daily with the CIA and military on interrogations at Guantánamo and supported renditions.


An Artist’s Grocery List Becomes A Giant Monument In Central Park


My Doubts about Deepak Chopra and the Monetization of Meditation

Has the holistic-health mogul overstated the health benefits of meditation and other spiritual practices?


Passengers (1994 – 1996): The Awesome Awareness of Mortality

In Passengers (1994 – 1996), John Schabel zoomed in on people seated on planes waiting for takeoff, “getting into that [flying] frame of mind…”


Making Sense of Modern Pornography

While the Internet has made porn ubiquitous, it has also thrown the industry into severe decline.

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Go with the flow … inside houseboats on the river Thames – in pictures

More than a thousand people live afloat on the tidal Thames in London. Katherine Fawssett hops on board to meet some of them


Hara Hachi Bu: The Okinawan’s Secret to Longevity


Hara Hachi Bu is the practice of eating only until you are 80% full, and it may explain why the Okinawans live longer than any other people on earth.


America against itself

Charles Murray talks to Sean Collins about the new class war.


What is terrorism, and is it getting worse?

The director of a graduate program in homeland security debunks common misconceptions about the origins of political violence.


Psychology expert: Why extremists use violence in their quest for significance

Boomerangs Were Lethal Weapons of War, Skeleton Suggests

A skeleton with unprecedented injuries suggests Australia’s Aboriginal peoples fought deadly battles among themselves.


Morning Cup of Links: 2016 Emmy Awards Winners

Great links to start your work week!


FDA Approves Sarepta’s Controversial Drug for Muscular Dystrophy

Source: FDA Approves Sarepta’s Controversial Drug for Muscular Dystrophy

Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria and the World’s Peril

The U.N. General Assembly is taking on a danger that threatens the health of our entire species


A Series of Bizarre Adult Swim Vignettes Centered Around the Theme of Clowns

Clowns is a series of bizarre vignettes centered around the theme of clowns. The video is part of Adult Swim’s Off the Air series that showcases short animation and videos focused on one them…


How Police Trace Cellphones in IEDs Like the Ones in NYC

As terror suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami may be learning, cellphones make convenient detonators—and convenient tracking devices.


Can we treat depression with Yoga?

Currently the cases of depression are increasing everywhere. As announced by the World Health Organization, depression along with cardiovascular disease will be the most common diseases in our near future. United States is no exception, unfortunately, according with data of WHO (World Health Organization), about 15.7 millions of americans suffered at least an episode of major depression during 2014. These data are confirmed by the increase in sales of antidepressants and anxiolytics, which nowadays are the most sold medicines.$$!ad_code_content_spilt_video_ad!$$This premise to become aware of a disease that increasingly seeps into our lives, touching us directly or by hitting the people who surround us. The various types of depression recognized today as pathologies, reactive depression, endogenous depression and secondary depression, in many cases need pharmacological treatment and often the treatment includes antidepressants. However, it is decisive, and empirically shown, that best results are obtained by associating the drug therapy with a counseling path.:break:#### **The effects of Yoga on depressed people**On this side are now focusing some of the studies aimed at finding alternative solutions to the use of drugs, or complementary, to remedy the serious side effects they cause in most cases. In this regard, a lot of scientific research has been done in order to test the effects of the practice of Yoga on people with depression. These studies confirm that practicing regularly Yoga can help anyone suffering from this disorder to strengthen their capacity to manage their depressive state.In particular, one of these studies carried out at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences in Bangalore says that practicing the asanas, Yoga positions, significantly reduces cortisol and adrenaline, the so-called stress hormones, thus helping to restore a state of relaxation that facilitates the acceptance of negative feelings produced by panic attacks and episodes of depression. According to the experts, the acceptance is the key to healing and in this Yoga can be a valuable ally.Another 2007 study, carried out by the University of California, involved 27 women and 10 men with major depression in remission, who underwent 20 sessions of Yoga. Once the test was complete, a significant reduction in depression and anxiety levels was evident. All participants in the study showed a significant improvement in mood after practicing Yoga.Yoga does not offer a direct response to treatment, each individual may experience different results, but the benefits of this discipline are well established. Other studies confirm that Yoga acts similarly to drugs because it has a direct effect on the neurotransmitters. In particular, one of the fundamental aspects in the treatment of depression is meditation, an integral part of most types of Yoga currently widely used in Europe.:break:#### **Science confirms that Yoga reduces depression**One particularly interesting study that confirms the effects of yoga on depression published on the Indian Journal of Psychiatry involved sixty Care Givers, professionals who deal with patients with severe neurological deficit that after being in contact with these suffering people are experiencing symptoms of anxiety and also depression.Half the target group was given the opportunity to practice Yoga for forty-five minutes a day for one month following this particular sequence: OM chanting, yogic breathing exercises, practice of certain asanas, fifteen minutes of Yoga Nidra, ten minutes of Yoga Pranayama and at the end the repetition of syllables according to the methodology Pranava Japa. The results were surprising, the group who practiced yoga showed a significant difference in the psycho-physical state. According to the moon posture test that measured the benchmarks for anxiety and depression, the practice of Yoga had significantly decreased the presence of both. In reality, what these studies demonstrate is that a regular practice of Yoga disciplines can help to develop awareness of our moods and in particular provide a different approach to the desease to those suffering from depression, thus representing a valid support in the therapy for depression, even associated with the pharmacological and psychological therapies.

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Rahimi’s Al Qaeda handler is based in Quetta

During his rips to Afghanistan, Ahmad Khan Rahimi secretly visited Al Qaeda and Taliban leaders in Quetta, Pakistan, and was appointed a regular Al Qaeda controller who kept in touch with him up until the present when he executed three bombing attacks in New York City and New Jersey. The same controller runs a number of terrorist sleepers in America.


64 days in heaven and hell (43) Happy days Van Gogh’s mental state has always been characterised by ups and downs. One of his fine moments was that week in June 1888 spent painting under the hot sun on the plain of La Crau. Unlike Gauguin or Monet, he didn’t shy away from showing the signs of modern times: factories and their chimneys, a passing steam train… Vincent Van Gogh: – Arles seen from the Wheatfields, June 1888. Oil on canvas, cm. Musée Rodin, Paris (F 545, JH 1477) – Arles. View from the Wheatfie


I Failed at 1,001 Things. Here’s What Happened Next: – The Mission

Every day for five years I wrote 3000 words a day and they all sucked. I wrote four novels and maybe 70 short stories.


How to Let Go and Move On

Sometimes hanging in there actually means you’re just hanging on … and on. It’s hard to hold onto old hurts. But it’s even harder to let them go. This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen offers five tips to kick-start the process of moving on


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Painting claimed to be among Australia’s oldest known rock art

A painting on a cave’s ceiling may be one of Australia’s earliest examples of rock art, according to researchers who used an ancient wasps’ nest to date the art.


Looking Back on Liberal, the Midwest’s Failed Atheist Utopia

Liberal, Missouri was founded to be an atheist oasis in Bible country. But today, you’d never know it.


Why College Students Order Custom Essays Online?

Students order papers for various reasons, laziness, too little time or insufficient capacity. But is it cheating?


A timeline of Edward Snowden leaks

With the film “Snowden” premiering Friday, it’s worth taking a look back at what secrets Edward Snowden actually revealed.


Dr Orgasm will see you now: is the O-Shot what women need for better sex?


Dr Charles Runels has been called a miracle-worker by the women whose clitorises he has injected with their own blood. But many medical professionals believe the effects are simply placebo – and question Runels’ methods


Exclusive Photography From Inside the African American History Museum Offers a Hint of What Is to Come

Breaking Ground

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street art

Inside the Gentrification of Grand Central Market

Big crowds, legit lox, a civil suit, and millions in debt


My Mom Grew Up in a Utopian Colony in Iowa

Amana is the tech-savvy religious group that gave us the freezer.


Boldy Repaining Art History: Kerry James Marshall

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Alison Krauss

Alison Krauss – Broadway.mp3

Alison Krauss – So Long So Wrong.mp3

Alison Krauss – Everytime You Say Goodbye.mp3

Venomous Animals Kill in Horrible Ways—And Also Cure

blockquote>Vipers will make your flesh melt, Lonomia caterpillars will make you bleed, but Gila monster venom could treat diabetes.


‘East West Street,’ by Philippe Sands

The story of two ideas about international justice and the men who brought them to life.


Marijuana Could Be the Answer to Curing Alzheimer’s Disease, Study Shows

The clinical failure rate of Alzheimer’s drugs is exceptionally high, yet early data from researchers at the Salk Institute suggests marijuana could provide a cure.

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Leah Sobsey photographs the collections of national park museums in her book, Collections.


Retail companies invest in automation

Grocery and retail chains, including Walmart, Whole Foods, and Lowe’s, are investing in robots to boost sales — and, potentially, replace workers.


A German grocery chain that crippled its rivals in the UK is about to invade the US

The British Museum Distorts History and Denies its Racist Past

The British Museum in London is rewriting history to appear in a better light and defend itself against demands to return objects to their countries of origin. This is the conclusion of a new PhD thesis in archaeology from the University of Gothenburg.


Kayakoy: A Greek Ghost Town in Turkey