These are the top 5 deadliest poisons on the planet


The word for the week is HOT! It’s so hot, the dogs do not want to go outside in the afternoons.
The local weather folks have been playing a cruel joke. By predicting rain everyday. But we have not seen a drop of rain.
I have been cooking all my meals because no one can trust the roadside food this time of year…
Gabrielle Drake (Lieutenant Ellis, UFO) leads this enormous meta blog. This weeks issue celebrates all kinds of science and groovy chicks

Sexy Girls Who Like Ink (57 pics)


What Chatbots Reveal About Our Own Shortcomings

Every so often, an idea comes along that mesmerizes Silicon Valley and convinces the most powerful people there that this innovation will irrevocably alter the course of humankind. Outsize proclamations are made, lavish events are held and millions of dollars in venture money are funneled into young, unproven companies. Right now, that fixation has landed on chatbots, little artificial-intelligence programs that work like personalized assistants.
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The Evolutionary Argument Against Reality

A Protocol for Dying

Time for my last article. I could probably write more, yet there are times for everything and after this, my attention will be focused on the most comfortable position for my bed, the schedule for pain killers, and the people around me.

Yesterday I had twelve visitors, including my lovely young children. You’d think it’s exhausting, yet the non-stop flow of friends and family was like being in a luxurious hot bath with an infinite supply of fresh water.

I was a disconnected and lonely young man. Somewhat autistic, perhaps. I thought only of work, swimming, my pet cats. The notion that people could enjoy my company was alien to me. At least my work, I felt, had value. We wrote code generators in Cobol. I wrote an editor that was immensely popular in our company because it worked elegantly, and worked on every platform we ran on. I taught myself C and 8086 assembler and wrote shareware tools.

Over time I learned that if you chat with a stranger, in the course of any kind of interaction (like buying a hot dog, or groceries) they’ll chat back with a beam of pleasure. Slowly, like a creeping addiction to coffee, this became my drug of choice.

In time it became the basis, and then the goal of my work: to go to strange places and meet new people. I love the conferences because you don’t need an excuse. Everyone there wants, and expects, to talk. I rarely talk about technical issues. Read the code.

And so I’m proud of my real work, which has been for decades, to talk with people, listen and exchange knowledge, and then synthesize this and provide it on for others. I’ll take whatever credit people want to give me for being creative, brilliant, etc. Yet the models and theories I’ve shaped and documented are consistently drawn from real-life experience with other people.

Thank you, my friends, for that. When I say “I love you” it’s not some gesture. You literally kept me fed, professionally and intellectually.

So I wanted to document one last model, which is how to die, given some upfront knowledge and time. I’m not going to write an RFC this time. 🙂

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What They Didn’t Teach You in School about Harriet Tubman

Seymour Hersh spills the secrets of Bin Laden’s execution: “He was a prisoner of war. It was a hit”

Last Performance of Purple Rain

Good Things To Read (And Watch) In Remembrance Of Prince

[repost] Dark Roasted Blend: Link Latte 240

nice collection of links to explore


group therapy sessions at san quentin prison; meditating police, canada, before going on duty

Heavy Cannabis Use Associated With Reduced Dopamine Release In Brain

New York, NY, April 14, 2016. In a recent study, researchers found evidence of a compromised dopamine system in heavy users of marijuana. Lower dopamine release was found in the striatum – a region of the brain that is involved in working memory, impulsive behavior, and attention. Previous studies have shown that addiction to other drugs of abuse, such as cocaine and heroin, have similar effects on dopamine release, but such evidence for cannabis was missing until now.

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Sevens Marry Sevens: Is Online Dating Making Mixed-Attractiveness Couples More Rare?

We don’t talk a great deal about online dating here at Techdirt, which is actually kind of strange, because it’s a digital evolution of a sort. But the very good Priceonomics site recently had a fascinating post about some of the visible impacts the prevalence of online dating is producing, namely that anecdotal evidence suggests that it is making so-called “mixed-attractiveness couples” more rare.

The post starts off by dispelling the myth that opposites attract. Instead, studies seem to suggest that relationships tend to form mostly within our own social circles, class circles, and within our general realm of physical attractiveness.

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Written by Eliot Stein
—On a chilly afternoon in 1973, EyrĂșn SĂŠmundsdĂłttir was knitting a wool sweater in her bedroom when she looked out the window and saw a US Navy airplane fall from the sky and crash on her farm in southern Iceland.


As the plane burst out of the clouds, EyrĂșn twisted and tightened the yarn faster and faster, keeping her eyes on the dying aircraft until it disappeared behind a black sand dune where her property met the North Atlantic.

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The hidden face of drug use: from Cambodia to Senegal – in pictures

Come scorching heat or tropical downpours, children in Cambodia trudge through mountains of rubbish looking for food and scraps to sell. The overwhelming stench, together with tiredness and hunger, drives many to use yama, an amphetamine-type stimulant. Most children combine school with recycling; few are able to study properly as they devote their day to school and the evening to earning a living


Lou Reed tunes

Download free song Lou Reed – JUNIOR DAD in mp3. Listen or download free Junior Dad and other new songs Lou Reed


The Gilded Churches of Quito, Ecuador



Friendship kiss between American and Russian soldiers, 1945

“Childhood In The Raw Photos”: New Zealand Photographer Captured Her Children, Who Are Growing Up With Limited Electronics


Dark Roasted Blend: Link Latte 240

nice collection of links to explore


Studio 360

The pioneers who are making the first virtual-reality narratives.


the sour side of democracy

Warning: Diet Drinks Contain Dangerous Levels of Splenda

A new study shows that sucralose, the main ingredient found in Splenda, is linked to leukemia. Sucralose sold under the brand of SplendaÂź is FDA approved t


Antwerp street art

The Economy Is Better — Why Don’t Voters Believe It?

At 9:30 a.m. on a recent Wednesday, Cyndi Diercks stood poolside at the Paddling Pooch in Bettendorf, Iowa, watching Ollie, her 12-year-old Weimaraner, swim laps. Between tosses of a fluorescent-gr


Pictures of Ships in Storms


37 awesome pictures of ships hit by powerful storms.




 Amazing Color Photos of Native Americans



photography by harvey stein

15 Best Movie Stoners of All Time

From Cheech and Chong to the Dude, the pantheon of screen potheads


Edmund Clark photographs secret detention sites in his book with Crofton Black, Negative Publicity: Artefacts of Extraordinary Rendition.


Photos Of Los Angeles Rock Bands 1978 to 1989

Thanks to the Los Angeles Public Library for sharing with us photos from the LA music scene 1978 to 1989.


Jack London’s Wolf House Ruins, Glen Ellen, California

Wealthy novelist Jack London built a dream mansion that mysteriously burned down two weeks before he would have moved in. Never rebuilt, the ruins are impressive.


Is That Even a Thing?

What this language trend says about us.


Harriet Tubman



 Weapons That Are Forbidden In Warfare (21 pics)



A Woman in Uniform

Editor’s Note: In keeping with what’s clearly become a habit for the Social Issues section, we give the floor over to an under-heard—and in this case, quite controversial—voice in society: the police officer. This being Grey, hers is no ordinary point of view, and she’s no ordinary cop. Commissioned and written before the recent events of the Eric Garner Grand Jury outcome and the execution of Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, the story is more prescient and relevant than ever. In the name of (and hope for) more transparency within the criminal and justice systems, we present to you one person behind the uniform.”Wild Women Don’t Get The Blues” -Ida Cox, Chicago, 1924


Special Report: The Psychology of Terrorism

Five experts share recent studies, classical research and professional experiences that shed light on defusing the threat of extremism


Uncovering New Players in the Fight Against Alzheimer’s

blockquote>Research on a key brain immune cell suggests it is a tantalizing but slippery target for new therapies

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This BDSM Consultant Teaches Famous Actors How to Use Whips

For the past decade, Olivia Troy has been consulting for TV shows, film sets, and Broadway plays to help actors and writers get it right when it comes to portraying kink on screen or stage.


How to Beat Writer’s Block

Psychologists have studied it—and they know how to defeat it.


How the world’s wealthy hide millions offshore – from their spouses – The Washington Post

Why an Alaska plastic surgeon took a sudden road trip to Panama with millions of dollars


The Forks of the Road Slave Market at Natchez



 Actun Tunichil Muknal: The Cave of The Crystal Maiden



Why Our Brains Weren’t Made To Deal With Climate Change : NPR

Human beings would be better at fighting climate change if we weren’t so, well, human. In this episode, we explore the psychological barriers to addressing climate change.