The Confederate Cause in the Words of Its Leaders

The meaning of the Confederate flag is best discerned in the words of those who bore it.


[…]The Confederate flag is directly tied to the Confederate cause, and the Confederate cause was white supremacy. This claim is not the result of revisionism. It does not require reading between the lines. It is the plain meaning of the words of those who bore the Confederate flag across history. These words must never be forgotten. Over the next few months the word “heritage” will be repeatedly invoked. It would be derelict to not examine the exact contents of that heritage.[…]


Confederacy Theory (2001) – An unflinching portrait of the cultural war that has erupted around the confederate flag


A Japanese naval lieutenant surrenders to American forces after hiding in caves on the island of Okinawa (July 14, 1945). He decided to surrender after he heard a Japanese compatriot broadcast from an American landing craft

Ellie Davies photographs merges forest landscapes with Hubble telescope images in her series, “Stars” (PHOTOS).


Charles H. Traub, Beach, 1975

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The Big Picture – The Boston Globe

The first International Day of Yoga was held on June 21 and India set a record for the largest yoga demonstration in a single venue. Many other countries participated in the holiday recognized by the United Nations.– By Leanne Burden Seidel (20 photos total)



In 1861, A.M. Chandler enlisted in the Palo Alto Confederates, which became part of the 44th Mississippi Infantry Regiment. His mother, Louisa Gardner Chandler, sent Silas, one of her 36 slaves, with him. On Sept. 20, 1863, the 44th Mississippi was engaged in the Battle of Chickamauga, where Chandler was wounded in his leg.

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What 3-year-olds teach us about justice

Toddlers have a reputation for being stubborn, selfish, and Puppets and the tableincapable of sharing. But researchers reporting in the Cell Press journal Current Biology on June 18 have found that children as young as three actually will show a surprising level of concern for others and an intuitive sense of restorative justice.
—Young children prefer to return lost items to their rightful owners, the researchers’ studies show. If for some reason that isn’t an option, young children will still prevent a third party from taking what doesn’t belong to them. What’s more, both three- and five-year-old children are just as likely to respond to the needs of another individual–even when that individual is a puppet–as they are to their own.

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The Stiff Competition to Work in German Prisons How Germany does prison, day five.

A correctional officer during a presentation at Neustrelitz -1Prison. JULIAN RÖDER
—Throughout the United States, prisons are competing with other industries for job applicants, and they’re losing: understaffing is a chronic problem from Texas to New Hampshire.
—In Germany, on the other hand, citizens actually compete with each other to work for prisons. In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, a state along the country’s northern coast, roughly 300 men and women will apply to be correctional officers this year. Thirty will make it into the training program, which has a 10 percent acceptance rate — a figure more often associated in the U.S. with elite universities. They will have to score over 100 on an IQ test to even qualify.
—Once they’re accepted, trainees will study for at least two years. Training for American correctional officers varies by state, but rarely lasts longer than three months.

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How an Infamous Movie Revived the Confederacy

100 years ago, Birth of a Nation reimagined the Civil War and150622_zeitz_birth_wiki created the modern and enduring cult of the noble Lost Cause.
.—In the immediate aftermath of last week’s appalling act of terror at Charleston’s Emanuel A.M.E. Church, Republican presidential candidates found themselves in a tight bind: how to acknowledge what everyone in the civilized world seems to understand—yes, the crime was racially motivated and, no, you can’t decry hate crimes and defend the Confederate flag—without giving offense to Tea Party voters in early primary states?
—The subsequent discovery of the alleged shooter’s rambling, racist “manifesto,” along with photos of him brandishing a Confederate flag, either threw the GOP contenders a lifeline or further complicated the issue, depending on whom one asks.

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How to create a rainbow colored unicorn that poo-poos glitter


‘The Condition of Black Life Is One of Mourning’

A friend recently told me that when she gave birth to her son, 22mourning1-superJumbobefore naming him, before even nursing him, her first thought was, I have to get him out of this country. We both laughed. Perhaps our black humor had to do with understanding that getting out was neither an option nor the real desire. This is it, our life. Here we work, hold citizenship, pensions, health insurance, family, friends and on and on. She couldn’t, she didn’t leave. Years after his birth, whenever her son steps out of their home, her status as the mother of a living human being remains as precarious as ever. Added to the natural fears of every parent facing the randomness of life is this other knowledge of the ways in which institutional racism works in our country. Ours was the laughter of vulnerability, fear, recognition and an absurd stuckness.
—I asked another friend what it’s like being the mother of a black son. “The condition of black life is one of mourning,” she said bluntly.


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13 Things I Found on the Internet (Vol. CXXXII)


1. The Vintage Menu Collection at the Los Angeles Public Library A database of menus stored in the Rare Book Room of the Central Library. The collection is online here.   2. A French Archive […]


Meet Monika Mogi, Tokyo’s Photography Prodigy


I met Monika Mogi a few years ago in LA while we were both nervously standing around at the Ardorous/Rookie group show in which we both had work. Her boyfriend had a car and some weed so we escaped the crowd and drove up to Griffith Park to relax. Since then, I’ve been watching Monika produce more work than any of my peers. She’s only 22 years old and has shot lookbooks for a handful of huge brands, somehow never sacrificing her creative vision in the proces


Millennials are just as racist as their parents

The white supremacist ideology authorities say motivated Charleston 2015-06-18T160855Z_01_TOR601_RTRIDSP_3_USA-SHOOTING-SOUTH-CAROLINAshooter Dylann Roof is obviously extreme for anyone, and may seem particularly out of place for a 21 year-old at the young end of the racially diverse millennial generation. Yet research has found racially prejudiced attitudes to be surprisingly persistent among the youngest generation of white Americans. In April, we looked at the data on anti-black prejudice by generation, and found millennials are not much more tolerant than their parents.Racial slurs that have cropped up chants, e-mails and white boards on America’s college campuses have some people worried about whether the nation’s diverse and fawned-over millennial generation is not as racially tolerant as might be expected. The Christian Science Monitor went so far as to ask, “Are millennials racist?”


This Survey Says That Marijuana Prices Are Crashing in Colorado

It’s been a little over a year since Colorado began 750x-1allowing stores to sell marijuana for recreational use and the market continues to grow rapidly. But there are clouds (ahem) on the horizon.Nicholas Colas and his team at Convergex, a global brokerage company based in New York, surveyed a number of marijuana stores in Colorado last week to get a better picture of the state of the nascent market.What they found was that prices are declining faster than some had expected, while the number of people visiting the stores has increased.Here’s more from the note:


A Short Interview with Saul Leiter (2013)

[note: elsewhere on this site today I have addtional photos by Leiter]

“The cream does not always rise to the surface. The history of art is a history of great things neglected and ignored and bad and mediocre things being admired.”By David Gibson, brought to ASX by iN-PUBLiC, May, 2013DG: The Art Historian, Max Kozloff describes your work as ‘more soulful than many’ other photographers. Do you think this particular word is more appropriate than say just street photographer? What label if any would you apply to your photography?SL: I don’t apply labels to my photographs. I’d much rather have Max Kozloff do that. He’s much better at understanding and describing what I do. He once said that I’m not really a photographer I just use photography for my own purpose. I’m not sure what he meant but I like the sound of it.DG: Your ‘early colour’ is very distinctive in look – it is’ old colour’ like the work of Helen Levitt yet you seem very comfortable using digital cameras which normally have a different ‘now look’. Are you ever concerned about the way colour has changed?SL: I like using digital cameras. They make photography sometimes too easy. At different times things are different. The history of photography is a history of changes. If one has a sense of color it manages to survive the changes. That’s it.DG: You have a vast body of work yet you are mostly known for a core set of images. Are there still rich seams to be mined in your old work which have unseen gems?


America’s Newest Confederate Memorial

A large Civil War monument with 32 Confederate flags is nearing completion in Orange, Texas—and supporters don’t see any connection with the Charleston massacre.
—Soon, cars driving into Texas from Louisiana along Interstate 10 will be greeted with a Civil War memorial complete with 32 Confederate flags.
—The memorial, planned on private property purchased by the Texas branch of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV), will sit at the corner of Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive in Orange, Texas. After the massacre of nine black parishioners last week in a church in Charleston, South Carolina, and the subsequent order by Governor Nikki Haley to take down the Confederate flag near her state’s capitol building, a new Confederate memorial—adjacent to Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, no less—seems especially tone deaf.

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E.P.A. Warns of High Cost of Climate Change

Low water levels caused by drought at the New Melones Lake reservoir in central California. Credit Mark Ralston/Agence 23ENVIROWEB-master675France-Presse — Getty Images
—WASHINGTON — In the absence of global action to curb greenhouse gas emissions, the United States by the end of the century may face up to $180 billion in economic losses because of drought and water shortages, according to a report released Monday by the White House and Environmental Protection Agency.
—White House officials said the report, which analyzes the economic costs of a changing climate across 20 sectors of the American economy, is the most comprehensive effort to date to quantify the impacts of global warming.

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Silk road wasn’t even close to the biggest drug market on the internet

The largest online narcotics emporium in the world surpassed its most famous competitor, Silk Road, just one year after launching.
—The site is now the biggest online black market to ever operate on the dark web.
—Agora launched in September 2013 as a marketplace for illicit goods accessible via the anonymous browser, Tor.
—It has thrived ever since, and was unaffected by Operation Onymous — a November 2014 crackdown that led to the demise of several other high profile dark markets including Silk Road, Cloud 9, and Hydra.

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saul leiter

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US Infantryman Terry Moore taking shelter during Battle of OkinawaMay 21-22, 1945

Charleston, and the Next Time

After Virginia Tech, people arguing for gun control said that the worst of it was Gopnik-Charleston-Isnt-The-Last-Time-690that it would happen again, and after Aurora they said that it would happen again, and then after Newtown they said the same thing. Now, after Charleston, we’re saying it yet again. There is no victory or happiness in getting that call right. The worst of it, put another way, is that mini-massacres that would, in any normal country, themselves be subjects of horror have been moved down the scale of monstrosity. Fewer than seven or eight people dead, and it hardly registers anymore—the six-person gun massacre is merely another multiple murder.
—Yet there are signs of hope amid the horror. This time, President Barack Obama spoke with a forthrightness to equal his usual eloquent empathy. He was brave and on point, and what he said can only be repeated: “Once again, innocent people were killed in part because someone who wanted to inflict harm had no trouble getting their hands on a gun…. At some point, we as a country will have to reckon with the fact that this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries.

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These Ants Took Over The World, And We Just Noticed

We know ants form large colonies. In 2002, we realized one 1308911938893610822specific kind of ant formed supercolonies. And then, in 2010, we learned that they had formed a global colony— and that, without even know it, we had helped them do it.
The Argentine Ant
—It’s not surprising that Argentine ants are a successful invasive species. Their major flaw is their inability to build large nests for themselves. If their colony gets too big they have to split up or find a nest abandoned by other ants. But once they get a home, they’re unstoppable. They can eat anything, from meat to sweets to vegetable oils. They are about three millimeters long and can fit through a single millimeter hole. They’re also highly aggressive toward other species of ant.

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Reflections: Diana Ross and the Supremes


88 Amazing Facts Everyone Should Know | Mental Floss


Store these away for future trivia nights.


Risk of Extreme Weather From Climate Change to Rise Over Next Century, Report Says

Drought in Puerto Rico has left the La Plata reservoir nearly 23climate1-master675empty. A study in The Lancet predicts a growing number of people will be affected by extreme weather over the next century. Credit Alvin Baez/Reuters
—WASHINGTON — More people will be exposed to floods, droughts, heat waves and other extreme weather associated with climate change over the next century than previously thought, according to a new report in the British medical journal The Lancet.
—The report, published online Monday, analyzes the health effects of recent episodes of severe weather that scientists have linked to climate change. It provides estimates of the number of people who are likely to experience the effects of climate change in coming decades, based on projections of population and demographic changes.

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IJsseloog: A Sludge Storage Tank in the Middle of a Lake

IJsseloog, or the “Eye of IJssel”, is an enormous circular pit in the middle of Ketelmeer lake in the mouth of the river IJssel, in the province of Flevoland, the Netherlands. The pit is one kilometer across and 45 meters deep and functions as a storage tank for heavily contaminated slit that is still being dredged from the bottom of the lake.Between 1950 and 1990, lake Ketelmeer became heavily polluted from toxic industrial run-offs carried by Rhine and IJssel river from industries and factories located upstream. These pollutants were released into the river by industries not only in Holland but in Germany, Switzerland and France as well. The polluted sediments settled to the bottom of Ketelmeer in a thick layer of contaminated sludge. It was feared that the pollutants could contaminate the ground water or spread to the connected fresh water lake of IJsselmeer, which is the largest lake in the Netherlands and a major source of fresh water for both agriculture and drinking. The IJsselmeer also offers a number of opportunities for recreational activities such as yacht sailing.


Mac Wiseman & Bashful Brother Oswald ‘Carry Me Back To The Mountains’


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Sail On, Sailor: The Beach Boys

Post by @MissRy.

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Nina Simone’s Time Is Now, Again

Nina Simone in 1969. A new documentary, “What Happened, Miss 21SIMONE-blog427Simone?,” opens on Wednesday. Credit Jack Robinson/Hulton Archive – Getty Images
—The feminist writer Germaine Greer once declared: “Every generation has to discover Nina Simone. She is evidence that female genius is real.” This year, that just might happen for good.
—Nina Simone is striking posthumous gold as the inspiration for three films and a star-studded tribute album, and she was name-dropped in John Legend’s Oscar acceptance speech for best song. This flurry comes on the heels of a decade-long resurgence: two biographies, a poetry collection, several plays, and the sampling of her signature haunting contralto by hip-hop performers including Jay Z, the Roots and, most relentlessly, Kanye West.
—Fifty years after her prominence, Nina Simone is now reaching her peak.

The musician broadened the parameters of the great American pop artist, and her work is coming back to prominence.



Grandma graffiti— Seniors learn street art in Portugal

LATA 65, an organization in Lisbon, Portugal, has offered an unlikely course for senior citizens to learn graffiti. Introducing the elderly to urban art may seem like an unlikely combination, but since the first course in 2012, over 100 seniors have signed up. Using spray-paint, stencils, and the wild creativity that is often associated with youth, these Portuguese residents who are over 65 have taken their visions to the streets and decorated neighborhood walls with layers of colors and patterns. Would your Grandma be more likely to scoff at graffiti artists or join them?


Will Epigenetics Stop Cancer in Its Tracks?

A new study from the Mayo Clinic hints at a promising treatment for late-stage cancer 143482288543755patients—but a real breakthrough could be years away.
—Just when you thought you understood genetics, researchers have shown up with a new term that sounds sort of like the old term but isn’t. Meet epigenetics—the non-DNA way things are inherited.
—Though the distinction may seem arcane (see below for definitions), understanding epigenetics is crucial to follow developments across all of medicine, including the latest in cancer research. This week, for example, an interesting scientific article appeared that examined the epigenetics, not genetics, of kidney cancer cells and suggested a path forward to possible new treatments. And this is one of many similar articles in the field that focus on the epigenetic drivers of tumors.

A new study from the Mayo Clinic hints at a promising treatment for late-stage cancer patients—but a real breakthrough could be years away. Just when you thought you understood genetics, researchers have shown up with a new term that sounds sort of like the old term but isn’t. Meet epigenetics—the non-DNA way things are inherited. Though the distinction may seem arcane (see below for definitions), understanding epigenetics is crucial to follow developments across all of medicine, including the latest i


Roma:[GYPSIES] A People Uncounted (2011)

– A sensitive yet powerful story of the Roma Porajmos (Holocaust) told by its survivors.


Robert Reich: Mass incarceration is ruining us — and shackling the economy

The former secretary of labor on our prison industrial complex and the need for smarter robert_reich-620x412sentencing laws
—Imprisoning a staggering number of our people is wrong. The way our nation does it is even worse. We must end mass incarceration, now.
—If I’m walking down the street with a Black or Latino friend, my friend is way more likely to be stopped by the police, questioned, and even arrested. Even if we’re doing the exact same thing—he or she is more likely to be convicted and sent to jail.
—Unless we recognize the racism and abuse of our criminal justice system and tackle the dehumanizing stereotypes that underlie it, our nation – and our economy – will never be as strong as it could be.

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How Dinosaurs Shrank and Became Birds

Modern birds appeared to emerge in a snap of evolutionary time. But new research E5D8CAE7-9C39-4943-82ED6756C518BAF1_articleilluminates the long series of evolutionary changes that made the transformation possible
—As dinosaurs morphed into birds, they shrank dramatically and adopted a more babylike skull shape. Shown left to right: Velociraptor, a dinosaur of the class that gave rise to birds; Archaeopteryx, often called the first bird; and a modern chicken and pigeon.
Credit: Katherine Taylor for Quanta Magazine
—Modern birds descended from a group of two-legged dinosaurs known as theropods, whose members include the towering Tyrannosaurus rex and the smaller velociraptors. The theropods most closely related to avians generally weighed between 100 and 500 pounds — giants compared to most modern birds — and they had large snouts, big teeth, and not much between the ears. A velociraptor, for example, had a skull like a coyote’s and a brain roughly the size of a pigeon’s.

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Marilyn Monroe at the opening of the USA-Israel Football International, at Ebbets Field in 1959.

Greetings from the Colonies: Postcards of a Shameful Past | Messy Nessy Chic

Of course we’re all familiar with the postcard as a small souvenir we send to friends and family from faraway vacations, or as something we buy to decorate our walls.But are you familiar with the postcard as a form of European colonial propaganda?



17 Rare Historic Photographs from the Past

We all take photographs on our smartphones, DSLR’s, compact digital camera’s like it’s nothing. How different was it back in […]


Popular Security Software Came Under Relentless NSA and GCHQ Attacks

Featured photo – Popular Security Software Came Under Relentless NSA and GCHQ AttacksUK-US-locks-article-display-b
—The National Security Agency and its British counterpart, Government Communications Headquarters, have worked to subvert anti-virus and other security software in order to track users and infiltrate networks, according to documents from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.
—The spy agencies have reverse engineered software products, sometimes under questionable legal authority, and monitored web and email traffic in order to discreetly thwart anti-virus software and obtain intelligence from companies about security software and users of such software. One security software maker repeatedly singled out in the documents is Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab, which has a holding registered in the U.K., claims more than 270,000 corporate clients, and says it protects more than 400 million people with its products.

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Color Photographs of Street Scenes of Berkeley and Oakland, California in the 1970s

When Richard Friedman came to Berkeley from Greenwich Village in 1968 to take a job at the Lawrence Berkeley Lab, it took a while for his eyes to adjust. One of the first photographs he took in the city shows a street with the hills rising behind it.Friedman continued to take pictures, many of which, with the benefit of hindsight, have taken on historical significance. There are dramatic shots of People’s Park in the immediate aftermath of the 1969 riots when the military took over. There’s a photograph of Moe Moscowitz, cigar hanging from his mouth, at the counter of his eponymous bookstore in 1975. There’s counterculture in full bloom at the Berkeley Folk Festival in Live Oak Park in 1970, and there are several pictures of Caffé Espresso at Hearst and Euclid, where Friedman would spend many a happy hour in his early years in the city. “Long gone and very much missed,” he says.


Taylor Swift Is a Music Business Genius: A Reading List

Taylor Swift has done it again, this time getting Apple to change its streaming deal with artists. Here’s a collection of stories on how the pop star runs the music industry.