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Bartholdi originally planned for his statue to be a Muslim peasant woman guarding the approach to the Suez Canal. Instead, she stands in New York’s harbor.

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Bartholdi originally planned for his statue to be a Muslim peasant woman guarding the approach to the Suez Canal. Instead, she stands in New York’s harbor, and we should not forget her message in this moment of fear.
—The Statue Liberty was originally conceived as a Muslim peasant woman and was to have stood at the approach to the Suez Canal, a lantern in her upraised hand serving as both lighthouse and a symbol of progress.
—But the sculptor, Frederic Auguste Bartholdi of France, proved unable to sell the idea to the khendive of Egypt, Ishma’il Pasha. Bartholdi remained determined to erect a colossus on the scale of the one in ancient Rhodes. He sailed to America with drawings of the Muslim woman transformed to the personification of Liberty.
—At first, Bartholdi considered the tip of Manhattan and Central Park as possible sites. He was on a ferry to Staten Island when he decided that Bedloe’s Island would be just the spot.


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“They often appear to be typical teenagers,” one expert said.


What most Americans think of Islam today

How the Islamic State makes its money

Perfect and Unrehearsed

The ‘‘decisive moment,’’ in the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson and his stylistic followers, is a mysteriously precise collaboration with the world.


When Big Guns Go Down

The US military shipped thousands of defective gun parts to troops, and knew it for years.


Medicine show, Huntingdon, Tennessee




Bainbridge Island, WA, 1942: Identification tags on both of their coats, Fumiko Hayashida leaves home carrying her infant daughter to a ferry bound for Seattle, where they will be shipped by train to the Manzanar War Relocation Center in California’s Mojave Desert.

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A History of Ancient Rome

By Mary Beard

A British college student named Megan Beech recently published a poetrylead_960-1 collection called When I Grow Up I Want to Be Mary Beard. Beech is not alone in her admiration for Beard, who was for a time the only female classics lecturer at Cambridge University and has since become the most prominent representative of a field once associated with dusty male privilege. In 2013, Beard was appointed to the Order of the British Empire for “services to Classical Scholarship.” A prolific authority on Roman culture, she construes those services broadly. Her academic work ranges from studies of Roman religion and Roman victory practices to reflections on Roman laughter, and she has written lively books about Pompeii and the Colosseum. As the erudite docent on a BBC series three years ago titled Meet the Romans, Beard introduced a bigger audience to a bigger Rome: a citizenry far beyond the handful of Latin-speaking men who populated the Senate, served as emperors, or wrote (often dictating to their slaves) the books that we call “Roman literature.”

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A Refresher Course on the Ups and Downs of LSD

Psychedelic expert Andy Roberts talks about bad trips, set and setting, and how to figure out how strong a tab is.


Acting on secret Obama-Putin Syria deal, Moscow’s air strikes focus first on rebels, next on ISIS


The secret Obama-Putin deal on a political solution for Syria that was reached on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Antalya has radically changed and intensified Russia’s air strike tactics in the last 24 hours. For the first time, Russian air force planes took off for Syria Tuesday, Nov. 17 from a home base, and for the first time, they lofted heavy Tupolev Tu-160 and Tupolev Tu-95 bombers. Their targets were 85 percent Syrian rebel groups and the rest ISIS, acting on the Putin-Obama assent to force recalcitrant rebels to come to the table. 


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Triumph des Willens (1935) – Triumph of the Will [full length film]


L.A. council declares shelter crisis in effort to help the homeless

With an estimated 26,000 people calling Los Angeles sidewalks, cars and storm drains home, city officials on Tuesday approved an expanded campaign to help the homeless this winter by opening public buildings as temporary shelters and allowing people to sleep inside vehicles in designated lots.



Termites Are Teaching Architects to Design Super-Efficient Skyscrapers

Four Things That Will Likely Change After The Paris Terrorist Attacks

Feds crack down on supplement industry, go after deceptive products

ISIS calls Anonymous ‘idiots,’ offers tips to elude hackers –

Local supernova 2 million years ago solves cosmic ray puzzle

2 tunes

Source: The Beach Boys-I Get Around.

Marty Robbins-El Paso.

How Burgers and Fries Are Killing Your Microbial Balance

For the microbiologist Justin Sonnenburg, that career-defining moment—the discovery that changed the trajectory of his research,…


“[Brown wax home recording of The girl I left behind me and Buffalo gals, played on fiddle].” / Performer not given.

Source: HERE

The Museum of Personal History

Enjoy your visit.


Mark Tuschman photographs women and girls in the developing world in his book, Faces of Courage: Intimate Portraits of Women on the Edge.

For much of the past decade, Mark Tuschman has been traveling the world in collaboration with U.N. agencies, foundations, and NGOs, documenting the struggl


The Ruined Beauty of Pioneer Homesteads

The arid landscape of the Great Plains is home to generations of pioneer homesteaders—and the ruins they left behind.


An interesting look at San Francisco car culture circa 1934. “Ocean Beach Playland — Red Bug and Cliff House on Great Highway.” With a billboard advertising Topsy’s Roost, a dancehall and fried-chicken emporium just out of frame to the right. 5×7 negative, formerly of the Wyland Stanley collection


Why There Would Be No United States of America Without France | Mental Floss

When French diplomats signed the Treaty of Alliance in 1778, they in essence vouched for an experiment called the United States of America.


Telegram blocks ISIS channels

isis 4

The messaging app Telegram has released a statement that it has blocked 78 ISIS-related channels that the terrorist group used to spread its propaganda.


ISIS Paris attacks mastermind Abdelhamid Abaaoud ‘killed’ during Saint-Denis flat raid | [and much more]

Armed officers stormed a flat in Saint-Denis today believing Paris massacres mastermind Abdelhamid Abaaoud, 27, was inside with six terrorists but the French authorities will not say if he is alive or dead.


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Charlie Hebdo cover after Paris attacks -“they have arms; we have champagne”

In its new issue, the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo reacted to the gruesome attacks that shook Paris on Friday.


Islamic State’s Goal: “Eliminating the Grayzone” of Coexistence Between Muslims and the West

In a statement published in their online magazine Dabiq this February, the militant group 144767551558134Islamic State warned that “Muslims in the West will soon find themselves between one of two choices, they either apostatize .?.?. or they [emigrate] to the Islamic State and thereby escape persecution.” Weeks earlier, a massacre had occurred at the Paris offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. The attack stunned French society, while bringing to the surface already latent tensions between French Muslims and their fellow citizens.
—While IS initially endorsed the killings on purely religious grounds, calling the murdered cartoonists blasphemers, in Dabiq the group offered another, more chilling rationale for their support.
—The attack had “further [brought] division to the world,” the group said, boasting that it had polarized society and “eliminated the grayzone,” representing coexistence between religious groups. As a result, they said, Muslims living in the West would soon no longer be welcome in their own societies. Treated with increasing suspicion, distrust and hostility by their fellow citizens as a result of the deadly shooting, Western Muslims would soon be forced to “[migrate] to the Islamic State, and thereby escape persecution from the crusader governments and citizens,” the group stated, while threatening of more attacks to come.

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and so it goes…

A true story. A couple on an African Safari witnessed a small antelope being chased by a cheetah. The wife told the husband, “If the antelope survives this, I’ll give you a blow job every day for the rest of your life..” Watch to the end.


Days Are Short: Arlo Guthrie


‘Super natural killer cells’ destroy cancer in lymph nodes to halt metastasis


Nanoscale liposomes (orange) containing


Old resident of Winton, Minnesota. He was formerly connected with the lumbering interests there Photographer Russell Lee August 1937

 Creepy Places That Are Also Tourist Attractions


Special Section: Wired Well

Once personal health technology meant little more than bathroom scales, thermometers and electric toothbrushes. Now, these devices and apps are everywhere: on our wrists, in our phones, the bedroom, the kitchen, even on our children and pets. In this special issue of Science Times, we explore the lives of newly wired consumers and the consequences, good and bad, that arise from our increasing reliance on trackers, monitors, guides and a vast array of other devices to better our health.


The daugher of an Idaho farmer with puppies
Photo by Arthur Rothstein, 1936. [American Memory link]

The Belgian Connection

By Ben Taub
After the terror attacks in Paris, Belgian police and special forces searched a house Taub-Terrorism-pipeline-from-Brussels-to-France-1200in the Brussels suburb of Molenbeek.
After the terror attacks in Paris, Belgian police and special forces searched a house in the Brussels suburb of Molenbeek. Credit Photograph by Danny Gys / Reporters / Redux
—On Sunday morning in Molenbeek, a heavily Moroccan neighborhood of Brussels, a man in a brown jacket leaned out of his front door on Rue Dubois-Thorn and peered cautiously down the block, toward the Osseghem metro station. It had been fifteen hours since this street had been sealed off, while Belgian police conducted a raid and arrested a young man with suspected ties to the attacks in Paris. Now the armed officers had been replaced with television crews; the inhabitants of the brick houses that line the street had closed their blinds. I asked the man if he knew why the press had come. Frowning, he shook his head. In a café nearby, a little later, I overheard him detail the raid to a friend.

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A Genetic Map Hints At What Makes A Brain Human

Differences in the patterns of genes that are turned on in brains of people and mice suggest glial cells may have helped humans develop brains that can acquire language and solve complex problems.


Everything You Need To Know About The Longest Movie Ever Made

Out 1 is a legend that’s finally available to see in theaters…if you dare.


“Life’s railway to heaven” / The Blue Ridge Duo (Gene Austin and George Reneau). | UCSB 3 VERSIONS


“Life’s railway to heaven” / The Blue Ridge Duo (Gene Austin and George Reneau). | UCSB Cylinder Audio Archive



Marine Corpsmen x-rays German Shepherd Caesar von Steuben who was wounded by Japanese sniper while on patrol. Caesar would recover from his injuries and receive an official commendation though he would be killed in combat in 1945 on Okinawa. Bougainville, November 1943.

overturning the sin of usury

Today’s selection — from The Richest Man Who Ever Lived by Greg Steinmetz. For centuries, lending (or usury) stood as one of the worst sins in Christianity, proscribed in such biblical texts as Luke 6:35, “Lend and expect nothing in return.” The sin was defined as either lending at all or charging interest rates that were too high, but in any event, the practical effect was that the business of lending was left to those of the Jewish faith. That is, until the business became too profitable to ignore, and Renaissance-era families in Venice and Florence elbowed their way in, side-stepping the theological problem by using other names for interest such as penalties, processing fees, gifts and loss charges. [Note that this is the same issue Islamic bankers struggle with today]. In a monumental historical milestone, the matter was ultimately settled by the German Jacob Fugger, the wealthiest man of his era, and his actions set the stage for the modern era of capitalism:

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After Paris Attacks, Here’s What the CIA Director Gets Wrong About Encryption

It’s not surprising that in the wake of the Paris terrorist

abstract black pattern with red background

abstract black pattern with red background

attacks last Friday, US government officials would renew their assault on encryption and revive their efforts to force companies to install backdoors in secure products and encryption software.

Just last month, the government seemed to concede that forced decryption wasn’t the way to go for now, primarily because the public wasn’t convinced yet that encryption is a problem. But US officials had also noted that something could happen to suddenly sway the public in their favor.

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Todd R. Forsgren photographs birds caught in nets for research in his book, Ornithological Photographs.

The birds Todd R. Forsgren depicts in Ornithological Photographs, which Daylight Books published in October, are in a strange limbo, caught in mist nets an


The Longform Guide to Open Letters by Michael Hall, John Hodgman, Martin Luther King Jr., Martin Luther King Jr., James Baldwin, Philip Roth, Émile Zola, Lindy West

Classics from Martin Luther King, Jr., Philip Roth, James Baldwin and more.