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HELL OVER GERMANY: Colour (RARE) Footage of B-17s VS. Luftwaffe (1944, 720p)


Brain function ‘boosted for days after reading a novel’


Lights! Camera! Anglerfish!

For the first time, scientists have footage of the black seadevil anglerfish (Melanocetus sp.) in its natural environment.

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They may be tiny but they break through concrete. They are everywhere and yet unseen. And the more they get stepped on, the stronger they grow back.
—This is a series of paintings of weeds, some of them on-site animations, created as a tribute to the resilience of all those beings who no one made room for, were not part of the plan, and yet keep coming back, pushing through and rising up.


Ants Go Marching

More than an expert traveler, the fire ant is the ultimate invader.

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The 20 photographs of the week

The cleared democracy protests in Hong Kong, the reaction to the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner in the US, the aftermath of typhoon Hagupit, the ongoing civil war in Syria – the best photography in news, culture and sport from around the world this week….Some of these photographs contain graphic content


Local children taunt a British soldier as he stands guard in Londonderry, Northern Ireland on April 13, 1972, after an explosion in the city center

America should be more like Disneyland

The country needs Walt Disney’s optimism and investment in infrastructure and human happiness


Meeting Ayn Rand on the Las Vegas Strip

For eight days last summer, a new generation of Randians was indoctrinated in the auditoriums of The Venetian. Where better to absorb Atlas Shrugged ‘s teachings than in a city of extremes?


Bubble Gum Walls: America’s Stickiest Attractions

Chewing gum litter is a major problem in western countries. According to a study conducted in 2005, Americans chew, on average, 160-180 pieces or about 800 grams of gum per person, per year. The resulting waste probably adds up to more than 250,000 tons annually. A large share of the waste ends up on the streets, on walls and on sidewalks pounded smooth by the feet of pedestrians, costing millions of dollars a year on clean up. Any loose piece probably ends up on somebody’s shoes. But for all the annoyances it causes, gum can also inspire art, thanks to its malleability, stickiness and its wide color palette. Checkout theses gum covered walls that constitute some of the grossest attraction in the U.S.
—Bubblegum Alley in San Luis Obispo, California…Located in downtown San Luis Obispo, California, this 15-foot high and 70-foot long alley is lined with chewed gum left by passers-by. With gum on either side of the alley, the total length of the gum covered wall is 20 meters.

Bubble Gum Walls: America’s Stickiest Attractions | Amusing Planet.

Pictures of America Beauty Pageants since the 1920s

The crowning of Miss America dates all the way back to 1921, and although the competition has evolved over the decades, one thing remains the same – each year a gorgeous and smiling Miss America is crowned. Check out the lucky ladies who’ve held the prestigious title through the years…



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War News Updates.

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AmyWinehouse/12 songs


Saved: How addicts gained the power to reverse overdoses


‘Do No Harm’: When Doctors Torture

Medical officers used their knowledge to aid and abet the CIA’s interrogation tactics.


The Doctors Trial: The Medical Case of the Subsequent Nuremberg Proceedings

On December 9, 1946, an American military tribunal opened criminal proceedings against 23 leading German physicians and administrators for their willing participation in war crimes and crimes against humanity.


How horizontal gene transfer shakes up evolution

The gene that jumped

Genes that leap from one species to another are more common than we thought. Does this shake up the tree of life?


Spanto, a Graffiti Writer in His Third Act


Photos of the Week: 12/06-12/12 – In Focus

This week we have an oil spill in Bangladesh, protests about new pornography laws in London, the Afghan Bruce Lee, the breakup of the Hong Kong pro-democracy protests, the Grand Canyon filled with clouds, a big wave surfer in Nazare, and much more. [35 photos]


Science: Big data explain evolution of birds


Islamic State releases pictures from recent fighting near Samarra


New York City police officer plays with kids in Harlem, 1978.

Songs We Love 2014


Rare Photos Of The SR-71 Blackbird Show Its Amazing History | Gizmodo Australia

The SR-71 Blackbird is, without a doubt, the most advanced aeroplane ever built in relation to the technology available at the time. It broke all aviation records, it flew incredible missions, and it became the stuff of legend. Lockheed Martin published its history in this collection of high resolution scans of old photos.


A woman proposing to a guy in a bathroom, aww

Dwight Yoakam, Bury Me, LIVE! Renfro Valley, KY 4/26/12


torture versus drone strikes

Abundance Without Attachment

“CHRISTMAS is at our throats again.”


Roscoe Holcomb



The Acrobat – Marc Chagall… via.

Susan Copich Stages A Darkly Humorous And Disturbing Family Life In “Domestic Bliss”


Ellen Von Unwerth Photography -thumbs


The 50 Most Perfectly Timed Photos Ever


Mamertine Prison w/slide show

While jails and prisons were not a common feature in classical Rome (as execution, exile, and forced labor were a bit more du jour) one ancient lock-up has survived down the ages and it is now said to have held some of the Bible’s most hallowed saints.


The U.S. War Against The Islamic State Is Being Done In Secret


Sulphur miner weighs his load at Kawah Ijen volcano in Indonesia. Each load weighs upwards of 80kg and the miners carry the baskets up out of the crater by hand

Up-Close and Personal With Chicago’s Most Infamous Criminals


hippie chick from the past

US Navy’s LASER CANNON WARSHIP: USS Ponce sent to Gulf

Next job, a way to strap it to sharks

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Mystery DC Navy Project Near 11 Years Underway

[…] Amid the secrecy, theories abound about the four-acre complex, which is dead center in a ring that includes the White House, the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon, Reagan National Airport and the National War College. Is it a sophisticated sensor station, guarding the 14th Street bridge and other Potomac River crossings? Is it an excavation point for underwater barriers to protect the Washington Channel and Potomac River from submarines? Is it a staging area for Navy Seabees securing underwater cables between the White House and the Pentagon, across the river?


Running From the Seizures

When Diane Van Deren’s epilepsy impacted her organizational skills, short-term memory, and time management, she found refuge and order on the trail, running 50 to 100 miles at a time.


Why thoughtful gifts are the worst gifts


The Saar Loop at Mettlach

The Saar River rises in the Vosges mountains on the border of Alsace and Lorraine, in France, then flows northward through western Germany to its confluence with Mosel river, near Trier. Within Germany the Saar River pursues a winding course until it reaches a barrier in the form of Hunsrück, a low mountain range made of hard quartzite rock. Quartzite is a hard, metamorphic rock which was originally sandstone. Sandstone is converted into quartzite through heating and pressure usually related to tectonic compression. The river, unable to carve a way through the rocks, makes a full 180-degree turn and cuts a deep U-shaped gorge through the thickly wooded mountains. This remarkable hairpin bend located above Mettlach is called the Saar Loop or Saarschleife in German, and is one of the most famous sights of Saarland. The river flows parallel for a long stretch in the opposite direction before turning left and continuing its northward journey towards Mosel river.


Absurd Creature of the Week: The Adorable Mexican Mole Lizard Has a Disgusting Reputation


The Scientists Trying to End Torture

​When the Central Intelligence Agency was developing its enhanced interrogation techniques or E.I.T.—torture acts including water​boarding and rectal fe​eding—there was no research showing they would be effective. Unfortunately for those who were opposed to the practices, there was no research to the contrary, either.


Bukowski narrates video about hotel on skid row

“The Best Hotel on Skid Row” takes the viewer into the Madison Hotel in Los Angeles, where for about $8.20 a night, 200 loners and losers get a place to sleep — no pets, no hot plates, bath down the hall. This documentary drifts to the bluesy, boozy rhythms of people who exist on pension checks or welfare checks or, in a few cases, paychecks from pickup jobs. Not all are old, but nobody seems ever to have been young. Charles Bukowski, known as the poet of skid row, does the narrating for what he calls “an ode to the fixed-income blues.” The script is hard boiled: “If you can’t pay, you can’t stay.”

The Best Hotel on Skid Row from Obsidian Obelisk on Vimeo.