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Archaeologists just uncovered an American manuscript hidden in plain sight for 500 years

Long before White-Out was invented, people still found ways to get a second chance at reusing a surface. Medieval scribes scraped the ink off sheets of animal hide to reuse the pages. Plenty of artists have painted over one image with another.

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The opioid epidemic: How bad is it and who does it hurt?


The Moon-Eyed People, Murphy, North Carolina

Discovered in the 1840s, hidden until 2015, a mysterious sculpture of two three-foot-tall creatures is unlike any other ancient artwork. Also here: strange dolls.


Schizophrenia emerged after humans diverged from Neanderthals

Schizophrenia vulnerability rose after the divergence of modern humans from Neanderthals, say author of a new report, suggesting that this supports the hypothesis that schizophrenia is a by-product of the complex evolution of the human brain.

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 The Nine Circles of Adjunct Hell.


Encyclopedia Blue

A history of what may be the world’s most beloved color


8 Odd Beauty Standards in Turn-of-the-Century Photographs

Cheekbones on women used to be considered “too masculine.”


Roadside stand near Birmingham, Alabama
Photographer Walker Evans 1936

Jerry Lee Lewis’s Greatest Hits Full Album – Best Songs Of Jerry Lee Lewis – YouTube

My Last Mile: Radio Documentary by Sound Portraits

The life and death of a Texan prisoner


Forty years ago, photographer Danny Lyon was granted unprecedented access to the Texas prison system, where he met inmate Billy McCune. These tapes were recorded by Lyon, documenting their historic partnership.

My Last Mile: Radio Documentary by Sound Portraits


Tapes Shed Light on Imprisoned Artist Billy McCune+ The Song “My Last Mile”

vintage everyday: One of the Places Where Hanging Out Started – Amazing Photos of Carpenter’s Drive-In from the 1930s




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How ISIS was really founded

Abu Ahmad, a Syrian operative for the Islamic State who witnessed the group form,


We Asked the Nicest People We Know About Their Sex Lives

A recent study found that altruistic people tend to have the most sex and the most sexual partners, so we conducted a “scientific” survey of our own.


Former NSA Staffers: Rogue Insider Could Be Behind NSA Data Dump

Who’s really behind one of the most shocking data dumps ever? Another theory emerges.


How to See EVERY Google Search You’ve Ever Made

Yes, we mean EVERY. Even those ones.


The Man Rules: Man-Rule: Don’t Wear Baseball Caps Backwards

Long ago, cavemen struggled to find a way to keep the sun out of their eyes. This was a major problem when they went out hunting dinosaurs, because with the sun shining in their eyes they couldn’t see that the dinosaurs had all been killed by Strom Thurmond millions of years before. The cavemen solved this problem in a very ingenious way – they took large leaves and used vines to tie them onto their heads in such a way that a long section of the leaf stuck out over their faces, creating a shady cover for their eyes. This allowed them to lay back and take naps during the heat of the day, when they were supposed to be out hunting dinosaurs.Many years later, they realized how stupid they looked when they wore leaves on their heads, so they invented the baseball cap.


Inside the World’s Only Surviving Tattoo Shop For Medieval Pilgrims\

The Razzouk family has been inking religious pilgrims in the Middle East for 700 years.


Meet A Woman Who Keeps 500 Plants In Her Brooklyn Apartment


11 Dumb Things You May Be Doing to Your Smartphone

Some common things you may be doing with your smartphone that are actually kinda stupid.


David’s Ankles: How Imperfections Could Bring Down the World’s Most Perfect Statue

My obsession with the flaws, reproductions and potential collapse of Michelangelo’s masterpiece.


An 1890 Photochrom Tour Of Rome

Tour Rome with these photochrom postcards from 1890. Shot in black and white and colored by the innovative photochrom method, we see the ancient sites as they were then and largely as they are today.


The reality of VR porn

Is virtual reality porn merely an example of an industry — already known for early adoption of new tech — extending its market reach, or could the growing..


This Is What’s Missing From Journalism Right Now


Standing up for beliefs in face of group opposition is worth the effort, study shows

Going with the flow might appear easier than sticking up for yourself when confronted with unanimous disagreement.

But a new study from the University at Buffalo that assessed bodily responses suggests that standing up for your beliefs, expressing your opinions and demonstrating your core values can be a positive psychological experience. There can be a clear divergence between what people do and say and how they feel, according to Mark Seery, an associate professor in UB’s Department of Psychology.

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The Holocaust

Final Solution should have been just another milestone in David Cesarani’s remarkable oeuvre – a body of work in Jewish history broadly defined that has included a biography of Disraeli, a provocative reinterpretation of Arthur Koestler, a lucid synthesis of scholarship on Adolf Eichmann’s role and significance, important and influential interventions in the historiography of bystanders, rescue and early post-war Holocaust memory, and more. Shortly before this book was completed, however, the author died unexpectedly at fifty-eight. Cesarani’s poignant final words in the conclusion – he was summing up the continuing consequences of the Holocaust – are: “There would be much unfinished business”. This splendid book will serve as a fitting end to his career, but it is an enormous loss that it should have to do so.Setting out his stall in the introduction, Cesarani argues that public knowledge of the Holocaust has become stuck in ritual formulas…


We Need to Literally Declare War on Climate Change

We’re under attack by a powerful enemy—and our only hope is to mobilize like we did in WWII.


photos by arron hobson

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The most and least ‘liveable’ cities in the world in 2016 have just been ranked

Melbourne, Australia has been crowned the most ‘liveable’ city in the world, in a report examining the living conditions of 140 cities from around the globe.


The lonely island: abandoned houses of the Hebrides – in pictures

Ex-Buzzcocks drummer John Maher photographs abandoned crofts in the Outer Hebrides – complete with sheep skeletons, tin walls and Technicolor interiors


The ellipsis in medieval manuscripts: How subpuncting in the Middle Ages give the modern era its strangest punctuation mark.


The Write Stuff: How the Humble Pencil Conquered the World

​From sticks of graphite wrapped in string to mechanical pencils made of gold, centuries of innovation went into crafting the perfect writing utensil.


The Connoisseur of Pain

Stung by dozens of different insects for his research, the entomologist Justin Schmidt has become an expert in physical agony.


A pyramid has been discovered in Kazakhstan that might be even older than some Egyptian structures

Archaeologists in Kazakhstan have recently uncovered a pyramid-shaped mausoleum that’s over 3,000-years-old, making it older than some – but not all – of Egypt’s pyramids.


The Japanese Art of Self-Preservation

On the ancient Japanese Buddhist practice of self-mummification.


Vagrant Birds May Portend Species Distribution in Climate-Changed World

Long dismissed as accidental tourists, birds that turn up outside their normal ranges may instead be pioneers 

Source: Vagrant Birds May Portend Species Distribution in Climate-Changed World – Scientific American

A Natural Cure for Lyme Disease

Infections have surged, and an out-of-whack ecosystem may be to blame.


Why We Toss and Turn in an Unfamiliar Bed

Half the brain stays more alert the first night in a new location

Source: Why We Toss and Turn in an Unfamiliar Bed – Scientific American

What Took Medellin’s Top American Pimp So Long to Get Caught?

Prostitution is legal in Pablo Escobar’s old hometown, but pimping is not—and according to police Colombia Jake was pimping little girls.


 The Longform Guide to Bank Heists by Alex Kotlowitz, P. F. Kluge, Thomas Moore, David Kushner, Skip Hollandsworth, Rich Schapiro, Jeff Maysh, Evan Ratliff


Tyler Haughey photographs motels in his series “Ebb Tide.”


Family fun and nostalgia on New England’s beaches – The Boston Globe

As the sun sets for the night on Palace Playland in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, owner Joel Golder says, “Once this amusement park is gone . . . it’s gone. We’re the only beachfront amusement park left in New England.” He says he loves his family’s business. “I’ve been doing this all my life. The smells, the sounds, there’s nothing like it.” It’s said that the boardwalk atmosphere and these nostalgic slices of Americana are disappearing. But if one looks closely, remnants of the past can still be found on the



Creating Prehistoric Culture: Were the First Artists Women?

The first researchers of Paleolithic caves and sites related to the earliest humans called the people who left paintings and other pieces of early art “men.” Due to this decision, peopl


With a little help from my friends

Poverty is about who you know as much as what you earn

“I LIKE money and nice things, but it’s not money that makes me happy. It’s people,” says one woman in a World Bank survey. She’s not alone: research has found that social integration is more important for well-being than income, and also decreases poverty. Loneliness, conversely, can be deadly: one study found it did more damage to health than smoking. This week, policymakers from 40 countries met in Colombia to ponder ways to measure deprivation that take account of more than just income, including isolation. Several Latin American countries are devising or have already adopted such “multi-dimensional” measures of poverty.


Faro a Colon: The Columbus Lighthouse


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