Trump’s Team of Weaklings

Source: What exactly is Ivanka Trump doing?

Donald Trump’s first 100 days as president – daily updates

Source: READ

Vindictive Trump dragged on providing aid to 188,000 Americans displaced by Oroville dam crisis / Boing Boing

Trump’s Team of Weaklings

A Staff Shake-Up Won’t Save Trump’s Flailing Presidency

The Trump White House Is Screwed, Big League

The Aesthetics of the Alt-Right – Post-Office Arts Journal

Paul Krugman Dissects the Staggering Ignorance of the Trump White House

Half Of Trump’s Voters Want A ‘White History Month’ – Vocativ

Florida Has Seen Bad Effects from Trump-like Climate Gag Orders

Fascism and infrastructure

Donald Trump’s white nationalist “genius bar”: Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, Michael “Decius” Anton and beyond

The New Twitter Detectives Want To Bring Down Trump Without Becoming Alex Jones

Another First for Trump: A Policy Arm Operating Totally in Secret

A Newsweek reporter is suing the federal government to learn how it vetted Trump’s advisers for security clearances — Quartz

“Donald Trump is forcing the media’s hand”: Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert explains why it’s time to change the language of Trump

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