“We’d like to see what the plan is before we write a big check,” Rep. Michael McCaul said.

Source: GOP leaders want details before funding Trump’s border wall | TheHill

Source: Making Sense of the Hot Mess on Capitol Hill | New Republic

Trump spokesman tells reporters White House will push back on “false narratives.”

Source: Spicer defends decision to limit press briefing | TheHill

Source: The GOP’s protective wall around Trump is beginning to crumble – The Washington Post

Source: For-Profit Colleges Gain Beachhead in Trump Administration – ProPublica

Retired Gen. Michael Flynn was paid by Russian companies before becoming Donald Trump’s national security adviser.

Source: Flynn paid by Russian cybersecurity firm while he had top-secret clearance – Business Insider

Toxic waste cleanups, pollution prevention, sanitation efforts, and even Energy Star would fall apart under Trump’s plan for the EPA.

Source: What Trump’s budget would really mean for the EPA – Business Insider

Spending plan declares war on a non-existent enemy.

Source: Trump’s alternative budget: Our view

The White House’s proposed budget represents a wish list and a numerical expression of the President’s political philosophy.

Source: Donald Trump’s Voldemort Budget – The New Yorker

Source: Trump the Outsider Outsources His Budget to Insider Think Tank

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