Sunday edition: Politics, biased: GRIFTER–IN–CHIEF

5 critical questions Trump needs to answer about the Russian ambassador’s covert trip to Trump Tower

Jeff Sessions didn’t go far enough.

Source: Time for a Special Counsel in the Russiagate Scandal – POLITICO Magazine

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration could see its budget cut by one six by the Trump administration. Particularly hard hit would be its research and satellite budgets.

Source: NOAA budget cut under Trump administration | Daily Mail Online

“This is a classic case of drip-drip-drip, where they say certain things that are disproven as later facts are revealed,” a former Bush aide said.

Source: THE MEMO: White House fails to fend off Russia questions | TheHill

There is nothing inherently wrong with the fact that Mike Flynn, Jeff Sessions, and other Trump advisers talked to the Russian Ambassador.

Source: Why Would Jeff Sessions Hide Talks with Sergey Kislyak? – The New Yorker

From preexisting conditions to tax credits, here’s what Trump’s healthcare proposals could mean for you.

Source: Trump priorities for Obamacare replacement – Business Insider

Trump’s cutting a $500 million ship, and would likely hit other areas of the Guard, which specializes in interdicting drugs, human trafficking, and the Arctic.

Source: Trump’s budget is going to slash $1 billion from the Coast Guard – Business Insider

Resistance to President Donald Trump is cropping up in the most unlikeliest of places: the House GOP caucus.At least four Republican lawmakers in the House of Representatives, some of whom have been questioned, booed and heckled at recent town halls by their constituents, publicly called for Trump to release his tax returns in order to review for any potential conflicts of interest that pose a national security risk or violate the Constitution.

Source: House GOP Begin to Turn on Trump: Republicans Break from Party to Demand President’s Tax Returns | Alternet

Source: Donald Trump Is an Impressive Student of Political Weasel Wording | Mother Jones

The dangers of becoming desensitized to the President’s serial untruths.

Source: The Banality of (Trump’s) Lying – The American Interest

Mike Pences email scandal is exactly the same as Hillary Clintons

Source: Mike Pence’s email scandal is exactly like Hillary’s – AMERICAblog News

Trump Att. Gen. Jeff Sessions appears to have perjured himself to hide secret conversations with top Russians.

Source: RussiaGate explodes – did Att. Gen. Sessions commit perjury to hide Russia ties? – AMERICAblog News

Source: Trump team attempts to purge Obama appointees in a desperate bid to stop leaks

State legislators across the country are seeking to force his hand.

Source: Democrats try new tactic to get Trump’s tax returns | TheHill

The program ends up catching a vast number of American communications in its dragnet. But how many?

Source: Trump Wants NSA Program Reauthorized But Won’t Tell Congress How Many Americans It Spies On

A Republican senator calls on the president to explain his allegation against his predecessor.

Source: Trump urged to back up claims his phones were tapped by Obama – BBC News

Observers see parallels between the Trump administration’s Russia links and the Nixon-era scandal.

Source: Echoes of Watergate resurface as Trump-Russia links probed – BBC News

President Trump used Twitter to accuse his predecessor of orchestrating a plot to tap the phones at his Trump Tower headquarters last fall in the run-up to the election.

Source: Trump, citing no evidence, accuses Obama of ‘Nixon/Watergate’ plot to wiretap Trump Tower – The Washington Post

Trump’s critics should not diminish their case against him by calling him “authoritarian”: A response to Jonathan Last.

Source: Donald Trump’s ‘Authoritarianism’ Is Not the Problem with His Presidency | National Review

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