Surviving Generations Recall ‘Forgotten Genocides’

Photograph shows young victims of Ukraine’s famine

Ukraine’s famine is just one of many tragedies to emerge from the Stalin era. On the 60th anniversary of the UN Genocide Convention, debate continues about the millions who died in Soviet deportations and purges, recalled by surviving generations as “forgotten genocides”

Tatyana Nevadovskaya was a teenager living in the Kazakh village of Chymdaulet when she began to document the ravages of the man-made famine sweeping through the Central Asian republic in the early 1930s.

“It was early in the spring of 1933,” wrote the 19-year-old, who had moved to Kazakhstan with her Russian father, an exiled professor. “I was walking with someone; I had a camera with me. We saw a weak, exhausted Kazakh man sitting on the path. He was coming back from field work, but hardly moving, and very weak.


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