Source: Nervous GOP senators rooting for Ryan to fail | TheHill

How close is President Donald Trump to following the path blazed by last century’s tyrants? Could American democracy be replaced with totalitarian rule? There’s enough resemblance that Yale historian Timothy Snyder, who studies fascist and communist regime change and totalitarian rule, has written a book warning about the threat and offering lessons for resistance and survival.

Source: If We Don’t Act Now, Fascism Will Be on Our Doorstep, Says Yale Historian | Alternet

Here’s how Stephen Bannon and Stephen Miller have been boosters of Islamophobes and white nationalists.

Source: The Dark History of the White House Aides Who Crafted Trump’s “Muslim Ban” | Mother Jones

Source: Race to the Bottom | Chris Lehmann

It was the kind of course that may have prevented a senior adviser from promoting the first daughter’s clothing line from inside the White House.

Source: Team Trump Scrapped Ethics Training for White House Staffers

Source: There’s a word for Trump’s latest flimflamming of workers • Hightower Lowdown

“We’re going to need the FBI to fully cooperate,” Rep. Adam Schiff said.

Source: Top Intel Dem: FBI director holding back Russia info | TheHill

Maricopa County burnished its reputation as the Trumpiest in America last weekend as hundreds of locals, including heavily armed militamen, white nationalists and even a few elected officials, gathered to support the 45th president. The ensuing “March for Trump” was as horrifying as it sounds.

Source: Trump Supporters Call For ‘Liberal Genocide’ and Deportation of Jews at Arizona Rally | Alternet

Source: The Trumpcare trap – The Washington Post

Source: Look who’s going after Trump’s Russia scandal – The Washington Post

Source: The IC Is Not a Murky Cabal Pulling the Strings in Washington | The Cipher Brief

Source: Donald Trump’s Past Lobbying Exploits Paint a Picture of a Deft Washington Insider | the narcosphere

Source: Here are the federal agencies and programs Trump wants to eliminate – The Washington Post

Source: Donald Trump Isn’t Even Pretending to Oppose Goldman Sachs Anymore

Source: Flipboard

The contradictions inherent in Trumpism could be hidden during the campaign season. Now, they are coming into sharp relief.

Source: Inside the Trump-Ryan Murder-Suicide Pact | Vanity Fair

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