The origin of the thesis [reposting very nice article]

Charles Darwin had been dead for three years when his granddaughter, Gwen Raverat, was born, so that her very famous grandfather was already a myth and “obviously in the same category as God and Father Christmas”. And, as in the case of both God and Father Christmas, she realized very fast that it could be embarrassing to over-identify oneself with him, so the small Gwen sensibly decided it was generally best to change the subject if her grandfather was mentioned. Both a myth, and, according to A. N. Wilson, a “mythmaker”, Charles Darwin has been mentioned a great deal since, as generation after generation of books and articles defending, evaluating, denouncing, and generally chewing over Darwin and his theory of evolution has risen up and perished. If Darwin is the “common ancestor” of all this print, he has produced many species. Taken collectively, these four books provide a representative…

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