very political. skip if not your cup of vodka::THE FUTURE LIES AHEAD

What You Need To Know About The Secret Trump Dossier

Trump’s trade-war mongering is starting to rattle Wall Street

Trump’s reign of fear may soon get a whole lot worse. Here’s what to look for.

Trump’s Watered-Down Ethics Rules Let a Lobbyist Help Run an Agency He Lobbied

Trump’s National Security Council rife with a fracas

Trump’s Indonesian Business Partner Brags About His Access

Trump Named as a Defendant in Landmark Climate Lawsuit – Scientific American

This Mar-A-Lago Member Had A Great Time Photographing Trump Handling A National Security Crisis –

The math behind Trump’s growth plan suggests record levels of US seniors would have to keep working —

Swift repeal of Obama rules leaves former staffers steaming

In the early weeks of the new administration, the humbling of a president

Mental health experts warn of Trump’s ‘grave emotional instability’

Beware the Romance of Leadership

War News Updates: Head of US Special Operations Command: US Government ‘In Unbelievable Turmoil”

A Matter of Trust, Not Security

The Tip of the Iceberg

Trump’s likely science adviser calls climate scientists ‘glassy-eyed cult’

President Trump clogs China’s production of Trump toilets

A single tweet from Donald Trump reveals his true feelings about national security

Russian diplomat denies role in scheme to help Trump win presidency

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