Video: US Navy Giant Radar at Niscemi, Italy

translated from the Italian, using Google translate

Niscemi (TMNews) – Huge “spiders” whites more than ten meters high steel, giant cranes and huge satellite dishes. And ‘This is the Muos, the super radar building inside the U.S. base in Niscemi, in the province of Caltanissetta. In these images, for the first time you can see up close the satellite system around which have arisen from time controversy related to potential hazards arising from the waves elettromagnetiche.Restano unclear, according to a delegation of Sel who visited the base, the consequences on public health due to electromagnetic pollution, on which, during the confrontation between Professor Zucchetti and technicians of the U.S. Navy, would have revealed several gaps on the procedures which have been made studi.Di particular impact today that it see for the first time, the size of the work which is of great strategic importance for the United States military level. And the unique document will arouse new controversy around the project.<20130528_video_21575054.shtml'>VIDEO.

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