Watch This Eerily Erotic and Pretty Fucked-up ‘American Ecstasy’ Trailer


There isn’t too much information available about photographer Jonathan Leder’s debut feature-length film, American Ecstasy, besides the fucked-up and strangely sexy shit you saw in the trailer above. This is partially because it isn’t finished yet and also because they want the erotic horror flick to appear mysterious and ominous. What we do know is that it stars smoking hot VICE model and Playmate Britany Nola and a few other beauties who are trapped in some kind of psychosexual nightmare created by a “regular Joe” nutcase. We can also assume since it’s a work of Jonathan Leder—creative director of the dope Jacques magazine—that the film intends to do more than just engorge boners and illicit freak-outs. Like Jonathan’s other works that transcend the realms of pornography and art, American Ecstasy seems like it is going to give us a lot to think about.

To glean a little—and I mean just a little—insight on what the new film is about and the ideas it will bring forward, I hit Jonathan up for a chat on the phone. We covered such compelling topics as Pygmalion love and the power of strippers. Enjoy!


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