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Universities Struggle To Hold In-Person Learning Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

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    Universities search for a blueprint to continue in-person instruction as COVID-19 pandemic rages

    From New York to Arizona, university administrators are mining sewage as part of their COVID-19 containment strategies. In Central New York, Syracuse …

    Colleges need COVID-19 tests to stay open, scientists say. Some don't have much of a plan

    COVID-19 outbreaks already are interrupting colleges’ plans to reopen across the country. But just how big those interruptions are – and whether the outbreaks can be contained – hinges in part on colleges’

    Trump pushes universities to continue reopening amid a string of campus coronavirus outbreaks

    President Donald Trump urged universities to continue reopening their campuses on Wednesday, even as some institutions across the country report …

    Universities can’t use privacy laws to withhold data on coronavirus outbreaks, experts say

    University of Alabama faculty members were threatened by department leaders Aug. 24 with “serious consequences” if they shared news of coronavirus infections on campus. Arizona State University, which

    Inside University of Illinois' massive COVID-19 testing operation

    No Wifi, No AC: Inside the Chaos of 1,400 COVID Cases at University of South Carolina

    Northeastern University dismisses 11 students for violating the school's public health protocols

    West Virginia University suspends in-person undergrad classes amid spike in COVID-19 cases

    University of Notre Dame changes 'battle plan' after rise in COVID-19 cases

    Temple University latest school to cancel nearly all in-person classes for fall semester after coronavirus spike

    More than 1,200 students test positive for COVID-19 at major university

    ‘Reckless’ And ‘Reprehensible’ Frat Party Linked To Coronavirus Outbreak At UNH: Here Are The Latest College Coronavirus Updates

    University of Arizona reports new daily high for positive COVID-19 tests

    Coronavirus outbreaks identified at 4 sororities at Kansas State University