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  1. Fred Thornton
    January 22, 2022 @ 8:23 pm

    In my view of things the fortunes of the wealthy serve the same function in an economy that a load capacitor does in an electric circuit: they suck up the excess monetary units that otherwise drive inflation and store it safely out of circulation, and, when the system is heavily loaded, operating under duress, feed that energy back into the system to keep the line voltage stable. IMO the fortunes of the wealthy are a needed and integral part of any economic system. Look at an economy like an energy circuit and it is obvious that those fortunes are there for a good reason.

    Now, that said? The issue about fortunes from a social standpoint, a humanitarian standpoint, has to do with the social functions that do the same job as a voltage regulator, and those functions are not really part of the generator side of the circuits where the fortunes originate. They reside on the load side, and there is no doubt, none at all, that THAT functionality is badly compromised in our current economy by issues involving what I would call “Ego Support” for the chronically immature and the toxically entitled.

    IF I were to mechanic on our current economy I’d begin by overhauling that regulator circuit, and the first step of getting that circuit stable would be to find and correct the ‘short-to-power’ (as they’re called in that trade) that is maintaining the two groups mentioned above in a position to compromise the system functionality. This is not a parts-swap scenario, trading out one name for another… capitalism or communism of demophabic socialism… this one needs some serious troubleshooting from as accurate a schematic as can be found.

    Does no good to tax the fortunes if that energy is totally wasted on what caused the problem in the first place… supporting judas goat egos (be they on the right or on the left makes no difference) of the parasitic… all that’s gonna do is siphon the system down into full failure mode when the energy levels go below true critical. Tap the reserves? ABSOLUTELY —AND— take a page out of China’s playbook. It’s our turn to close our borders to all finished imports, trade in raw materials only… and let the fortunes of the wealthy do what they were intended for… restore the American economy as a fully and internally balanced energy system to support the lives and livelihood of the American people. I’m sure the rest of the world will get along just fine while we overhaul our own. The lie of Globalization can land on the scrap heap headed for the devil’s reclamation smelters as far as I’m concerned (which is many words to replace three words the censors have a little trouble with).