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  1. Fred Thornton
    February 6, 2022 @ 8:36 am

    IF… such a huge word!… Bryon had acknowledged one basic and rather binary fact in the beginning of the article it would have fared much better in the court of my opinion. “Work” comes in many forms, and for many of those forms there are not and never can be a “work from home” option. Grab and go example: try building a highway bridge when the entire crew is sitting at home! There are many forms of work that do not involve the psyche and soul shredding inter-clique erosions of working in an office, they have other risks involved.

    To any who are entering the “work from home” demographic I offer one pertinent point of comparison and counsel, a demographic deep veteran in the nuances of a life lived where the work environment overlaps if not enfolds the home environment. I suspect those who are enthusiastically embracing “work from home” will, with time, find that solving one set of problems just opens the door to an entirely new set of issues. By the time the new set becomes severe enough to attract academia’s notice it will be a bit late to make changes, so… heads up and think carefully… what is needed here is wisdom, and the academics have NO advantage in that department.

    Which group of folks am I talking about? If the objective is a happy and balanced life then your best resource are those who have been working from home forever, they who produce the food you eat… the farmers, including and especially the family farm. Think about it, and good luck.