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  1. Fred Thornton
    September 23, 2022 @ 12:21 pm

    I’ll read the man’s book. I’ve always wished Black Hawk had been born thirty five years later, Crazy Horse thirty five years earlier and the two of them had allied their forces to defend the Mississippi river as a natural border and boundary on the land. I doubt they could have stopped the white man’s advance, technology and the population pressures in Europe would have eventually over-run them, but they damn sure could have kept the white man a lot more honest than he was!

    One of my works of fiction is set in an alternate history universe, and in that universe circa approximately 1965 an alliance of three Native American tribes, led by a Chief who in that universe is also an English Lord well regarded by the Crown for a family history of loyal and honorable service to the Crown… one Lord Chief Francis ‘Sly Eagle’ Redstone, descended from the Iroquois nation whose family name, Redstone, is to England what Carnegie is to the States… puts the State of New York on notice that if there is no parity for his people in regards to the lands lost to broken treaties he will go to The United Nations and petition for all of the Native American peoples to formally and officially join The United Nations as governments held in forcible internal exile within the continental territories of the United States!

    Fiction, yes, and certainly a plot device to set the stage for my heroes/heroines (Redstone becomes a major ally in their cause), but well within the realms of the possible. For how many centuries did the United States Government address the Native American’s as “The Indian Nations?”


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