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  1. Fred Thornton
    November 23, 2022 @ 11:55 am

    This is one of The Atlantic’s better offerings, well worth a read and a think.

    It begins A national mood disorder afflicts America, causing wild swings between mania and despair… Very true. And, as is usually the case, even when I agree with The Atlantic’s essential position I’m prone to noticing how the reasons they propose as an explanation serve as a fine tilt on the tables of perception.

    I found it interesting, and a bit validating, that the article quotes one Francis Fukuyama (apparently a person of some presence in such matters) as arguing persuasively that liberalism—individual freedom, equal rights, rule of law, consent of the governed, open markets, scientific rationalism—is in retreat around the world, not because of “a fundamental weakness in the doctrine,” but because of “the way that liberalism has evolved over the last couple of generations.”

    I agree with that sentiment, but I do not see this as a consequence of evolution per se, but rather the consequences of Empire Academia’s Kingdom of Psychology meddling in that evolution to produce their political shock troops, the “Awakened” American fauxLiberal, who’s policies, foreign and domestic alike, are deformed and corrupted by being viewed through EAKP’s lens of mental illness as the human norm. Several generations, yes… dating from when EAKP assumed functional control of American education. KIck, firmly kick, EAKP out of American Education and wait twenty years… we’ll be back to sanity as a national norm and our nation… considered as one individual… will no longer look like a person suffering a bad case of complex PTSD powering a bi-polar passive-aggressive personality.*

    *(…hack-spit… that tastes terrible, need a shot of whiskey to wash the bad taste out of my mouth… God knows I hate psychobabble but that’s what they speak…)


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