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  1. Fred Thornton
    December 15, 2021 @ 10:27 am

    Rebecca, I am a constitutional patriot who would far rather work a keyboard to defend freedom than anything starting with the initials AK/AR, and I equally hold grand master status as a legitimate conspiracy theorist (not a believer, please… a theorist).

    I am anything but sleepwalking through this one.

    That said, you’re absolutely correct and sleepwalking is a good descriptor. The question that has to be asked with no restrictions on the answer, no restrictions regardless of the consequences of said answer being revealed to the public is this: what has happened to the American people that the majority of the nation is indeed behaving like brainwashed zombies in the first place?

    From the GM-CT perspective: IF the American people are, as they appear, so emotionally conditioned as to go zombie in the face of a threat like this one then someone has pulled off a truly MASSIVE propaganda and conditioning campaign of the sort that takes DECADES if not GENERATIONS of careful work to achieve.

    Such a campaign as that could not be hidden by any method except The Purloined Letter Method. In other words, it has been in plain sight all along and accepted by all political polarities in play. From that it resolves that either (A) none of the common folk really knew what they were looking at, or (B) the very first element of that campaign was to inflict debilitating social and emotional consequences onto anyone displaying enough independent intellectual capacity to mount a critical thinking challenge to what would have to be an absolutely mandatory society wide blind spot (and they mock us as mentally unbalanced conspiracy theorists!).

    The only way this went down was not a case of systemic bias, it was a fully engineered case of ubiquitous and empowered systemic prejudice against perception.

    Reverse engineer Rebecca, reverse engineer this situation. IF YOU WANTED to produce the results seen how would you go about it? What would you use, what tools and techniques would you use to create the reality you’re looking at? But, a word of caution… talk about what emerges from that question and the next thing you know they’ll be saying you’ve been talking to the justifiably (in)famous Q to get your ideas.