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  1. Fred Thornton
    June 30, 2022 @ 3:34 pm

    I’ll fully agree with the last sentence of this article: “…it’s not “anti-American” to grapple with our own history.” There are more than a few other points in this article I would disagree with, originating from both sides of the divide, but that’s not one of them. Beyond that, this article bounces like a .22 caliber rabbit-getter round ricocheting off the Panzer grade armor of Empire Academia’s death grip on public education. It’s far more dangerous to those who shot it than what was being shot at.

    IF they allow any public school to actually teach history in the way history needs to be taught… as a subject dealing with actions and deeds (the dated facts of the matter) as the result of the environments and motives within those environments they’ll have totally compromised, if not totally destroyed, some fifty or sixty years worth of work the Empire has invested in converting the American populace into the most ignorant and gullible of people on the planet. They’ll have broken their contract with the Corporate Neo-Fascist to provide them a wealthy population gullible enough to be manipulated into supporting not only gross and disgusting materialism as the only acceptable philosophy of life but of even more importance a population willing to rationalize the crippling lie of Globalism in support of the materialism. From a purely political standpoint they’ll have fully betrayed their political allies, the modern fauxLiberal, by fully grenading the foundation emotional ignorance absolutely necessary for the peer-and-fear pressure based social (and electoral!!!) control wielded by the major social media platforms.

    Nah, it’s not gonna happen. The only thing trying to make that happen is going to do is provide a small but elite crew of professional assassins, both character and literal, plenty of work to destroy the threat impinging on one of the few points where the Corporate Neo-Fascists and Empire Academia fully agree: the need to safeguard the status quo at any price.