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  1. Fred Thornton
    June 18, 2022 @ 10:33 am

    Sigh. Fairly well written, and cherry picking again. Or perhaps boasting. Not sure which. IF the Republicans were the only one’s who learned nothing from history we might have half a chance, but this article is proof that the Democrats are just as blind.

    Among the intellectual set it’s a fairly tight consensus that the rise of Nazi Germany lays solidly at the feet of the victorious Allies and the very short sighted and quite revenge motivated Treaty of Versailles. Leave a people no honest way to earn a living and you’re pretty well assured you’ll get a rebellion, if nothing worse.

    Consider the two nations… Germany of 1935 and the United States of 2015. Where the physical components are not the same there is a close match to be seen in the emotional values associated… between the Treaty of Versailles and what the academic fauxLiberal… acting on behalf of their Empire and the Democratic political party… have done to the American working class folks. A very close match indeed. They claim to be so smart, so educated, and yet they can’t seem to wrap their head around the idea that if you create the same environment you’re gonna get the same kind of weeds.

    Maybe the academic fauxLiberal are not really that smart, or maybe in their secret consels they’ve already rationalized initiating another concept borrowed from the Nazi’s… an “ultimate solution” to the problem of those who answer to concepts older and larger than the Universities they co-opted and conquered for their Empire. Eh, go figure. I’ll be dead of old age before that answer hits the books. Well, old age if I don’t die of traumatic lead poisoning fighting in the battle of BerkelyValhalla. But that won’t matter to the folks who write the history books.