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  1. Fred Thornton
    October 30, 2021 @ 12:27 pm

    Have sympathy for the poor intellectuals… right, left or center-center down the middle they are in a terrible pickle. They share much the same fate as the genuinely faithful and devout Roman Catholics of the year 1500. A strange comparison? Not really.

    Take a good hard look at both epochs and you’ll notice a distinct similarity. Like the Roman Catholic church of that vintage modern Academia, always the home and certifying authority for the intellectual set, has failed and betrayed its’ own faithful. Courtesy of the ambition motivating Academia’s Kingdom of Psychology (to displace and replace that mode of thought known as religion to become the unchallenged vendor of social certification of acceptably moral behavior) Empire Academia allowed itself to enter the political arena. In so doing they set themselves up to walk the same fractured path across history as did the Roman Catholic church when they got drafted into politics in the dark days after the fall of Rome.

    The modern thinkers of any orientation or point of origin, the intellectuals, have come to realize the total hypocrisy in play within modern Academia. The hypocrisy of Academia prostituting intellectual integrity to play in the dirty realms of political manipulation does damage, heavy damage, to what an intellectual uses to define and justify his/her own self image and self respect. Is it any wonder that they, like those who hosted a genuine Christian faith in the year 1500, would rather risk d****tion to do what’s right than assure themselves that fate by complying with what they know is corrupt and hypocritical? That they are at present starting to ignore their “church” and actively looking for their own version of Martin Luther?

    To an objective analysis the two situations are almost identical. Be interesting to see if Academia actually learned anything at all from history, and even more interesting to see if they’ll avail themselves of that knowledge to keep their Empire from fragmenting back into five hundred feuding little nations all playing with that thing called… –gasp– … oh my sacred diplomas… unfettered intellectual freedom?!?!?!?!??