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  1. Cyranos DeMet
    September 29, 2021 @ 5:14 pm

    An interesting appearance, indeed! A good article, a timely article, to which I’d like to add just a couple of “bolt-on” points and then cheer it on its’ way.

    The author compares the modern social media to the induction techniques of a well known cult. Good call! Many of those techniques actually work better when they are administered subliminally, that is to say, without the victim realizing their internal structures are under attack. This is a fact well known to both the science of psychology and that fragment of their graduates (the larger portion of those who study psychology in point of fact) who go to work in the industries of influence and manipulation… advertising, marketing, social and political propaganda. In other words, those whose profession is to design internet content to maximize the effectiveness of any or all of the endeavors just listed.

    They are, and have been for twenty some years, using what they command, and the state of the American Psyche is pretty solid proof they know what they’re doing. Some are pushing LibTard propaganda, some ConTard nonsense, some are just refereeing what the others have done to maintain America in the stasis of emotional gridlock so other forces can operate without worrying about the damn yanks doing it for a third time.

    You see, the good author needed to mention that fact to fully close the loop and secure his arguments. Figured since it was a very good try in a good cause I’d lend a hand.

    Second point? When something is brand new there ARE NO EXPERTS. There are those who’ve demonstrated high competence in other and comparable areas, BUT THEY ARE NOT EXPERTS, not yet, in the new thing. To tell folks to LISTEN TO THE EXPERTS before expertise is established is just propaganda prep leveraging off the common man’s transference of faith from a spiritual entity to an academic one. That one? That was a cheap shot and I’m not sure it was put their by the author, or the first to edit his work. The quality of the article makes me believe if the author were going to hustle that point he’d have done a better job of it.

    To any who’ve read so far? Thanks for the thought, hope it was worth your time.

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