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  1. Fred Thornton
    December 11, 2021 @ 11:49 am

    Ask me to bet this one and I’d toss my nickel down on the idea that:

    …since cars no longer feel like cars, they feel like an android cell phone on wheels… AND… since it is emerging knowledge that the manipulative info-glut
    of our over-digitized lifestyles is already doing horrible things to what the shrinks call “the executive function” of common sanity…

    …it would then follow that an increase in the incidence of “Road Rage” might be nothing more than the digi-rage deliberately induced to power modern socio-political propaganda inappropriately transposed onto the active environment of driving rather than the passive environments said propaganda designed for.

    Example? Do your podcasts occasionally have a throbbing-ish almost sound in the background when the villain is being distinctly politically incorrect while abusing the heroine in some shameful manner? That throbbing is intended to get into your judgement parameters way beyond the perils of sweet Pauline on the Spanish Main.

    Cure? Simple. Turn off the toys, sit up and drive that thing, and enjoy being in command of your own fate… for once.