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  1. Fred Thornton
    October 19, 2022 @ 8:06 am

    Yup. And what’s worse for those who prefer the official version of the story be the only version of the story? There are those of us who know that any villainous wahoo walking (with enough sense to pour the rainwater out of his boots before changing his socks…pretty much the entire population of the establishment malice and manipulation machine:-) knows that the absolute best way to hide something is to start an attractive conspiracy theory on the subject that sounds good, has plenty of knee jerk emotional hooks (for those who must believe something ridiculous to counterbalance whichever store bought stock outa’ the box ‘tardation control and compliance nuerosis they were programmed with as a schoolchild), but a theory that in point of fact misses the critical considerations by just enough the villains can continue to operate safely obscured from public perception by a popular but defective theory that has everyone looking in the wrong directions.

    Eh, ok, enough is enough. But consider this fact: about the only way to shut down someone who is, for whatever reason, dedicated to finding a truth… that someone else does know but they do not… is to convince that person they’ve found what they were looking for. The only way they’ll actually stop looking and move on to something else is if they think they’ve found the answer.

    I’m on record all over creation claiming grand master status as a conspiracy theorist, and speaking from my admittedly self awarded expertise I’d say that four out of any five conspiracy theories that gain widespread exposure are indeed the work of those who really do have something related they really need to hide. Want to play with the idea? Could the Epstein/Maxwell crew of sex slavers have had any better a cover for their operation than the Q’Anon crew recycling the comedian Flip Wilson’s line that “the devil made me do it?” Think about it.