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  1. Fred Thornton
    July 15, 2022 @ 12:39 pm

    A man may work from sun to sun… but a woman’s work is never done.

    I’ve found those old sayings, old truisms, quite often contain a key thought for all kinds of situations never imagined when the saying evolved to become part of a culture. From my wanderings as a philosopher I’d say the most pertinent element of that old saying is found in the last two words… never done.

    Daniel, the author, speaks around this point in several places but to my reading never quite got to what I see as the meat of this matter. In point of fact that old saying is quite literally true examined from the perspective of our species, and from that low and primal beginning will have a major impact on any and every culture we might form. There are two things a woman can do that no matter how gentle and nurturing a man might be he simply cannot do: give birth to a baby and suckle that child until it’s old enough to chew. A fact of life that is not going to change, and a fact of life that sets her as the primary source of the human race. So long as humans remain mortal it is impossible for the creature woman to succeed her way out of a job… she’ll always have a role to play… her work is never done.

    But this is not true for the man… he, we, can and almost have succeeded ourselves out of a place in the grand scheme of things. The planet is tamed, life support for a huge population built, the sciences established to the point they’re passing beyond the event horizon of human intelligence, the only challenges remaining are balancing into environmental sustainability what has already been built and objectively that’s really not that much of a much compared to what has already been done. For the human male it is looming on our horizon and becoming more real every year… you might see a pink slip in your existence box any old year now. As soon as AI is up to snuff you’ll be effectively obsolete, so get ready to become emotionally, if not literally, extinct.

    With that fact seeping up from underneath any and every stereotypic masculine endeavor and they (the academics) are really wondering why the rate of debilitating insecurity in men, and the associated psycho-social maladies associated, are climbing like a homesick angel? Really? You say you don’t know? Frankly I don’t believe you, but oh well and oh joy.

    Being used and discarded is every bit as much a possibility in a man’s life as a woman’s, a fact the fauxLiberal and their feminista allies have been exploiting ruthlessly in their quest to destroy the cultures which evolved into the societies that produce the security, the extended life span that allow the fauxLiberal et al to operate as they do. No surprise there, that bunch will use what comes available. But to both Daniel’s and The Atlantic’s credit this article was surprisingly clean of such rhetoric… the phrase “toxic masculinity” only appeared once, and then implied as a bad thing to say. A fair amount of soft emotional blackmail and PC assumptions, but none that are really unfair, and many if not most actually a fine boot camp teaching defensive thought to counter the feminista assault on the masculine. So all and all a fine and fair offering. Thanks for linking it, hope I made enough sense here to have been worth the read.