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  1. Fred Thornton
    November 30, 2022 @ 12:13 pm

    I like water. I also like lawns, and for several reasons. So how to keep both? Make it a mandatory element of building codes, heavily enforced, that if your property uses turf for ground cover you WILL lay down a subsurface lateral system to water it! No popup sprayers allowed! Work the dirt in advance so you can eliminate direct evaporation from the equation and you’ve solved over half the problem.

    And while you’re at it, mandate that the huge “circle walker” irrigation systems used in commercial ag are converted to low-flow drag lines rather than rainbird style sprayers. Ok, so you have to modify a few things. Still though the vast majority of the system is already in place and… a HUGE AND this one is… listen to what the folks involved in what is called perma-culture have to say on the subject, take those ideas and scale up to meet production needs and what happens is the output of the land, and the quality of what that land produces, can go up even while the water usage goes radically down. The changes can and will pay for themselves.

    The water crisis (becoming terrifyingly real) is just like the energy-environmental crisis (equally real)… the problem isn’t knowing how to fix a set of problems, no. It isn’t. The problem is keeping the *blleeeeeep* libtard set of politicians and pundits from so contaminating the call for action that those who DO know how to fix the problems ( I can play in that game) not only shoot the messenger but equally the horse he rode up on! These very, very needed changes are being horribly, possibly fatally, compromised by the fact that they’re being promoted by those perceived (by many of those where I live) as one and the same set of EAKP trained liars promoting things like CRT and a public education “Awakening” to the social benefits of psychiatric sterility, things that only serve to degrade the culture into a state of head case barbarism ready to be exploited by those who sponsor said politicians and pundits.

    Our very survival is being compromised by a case of guilt by association. Makes me a bit grumpy it does.