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  1. Fred Thornton
    February 23, 2024 @ 10:49 am

    D I E is the spelling guys. I before E except after C is the rule. Basic English that used to be laught in grade school. The problem is coming out of the public schools, but they are not the source of the issue, far from it. The public schools are just the attack vector of a weapon being deployed against most decent things these days, higher ed just one of them. The weapon is drawn from a corrupted and prostituted branch of medicine, specifically and to wit the work of the psychologists that was intended to heal being bastardized as a way to weaken people to the point they can be coerced and controlled into the sort of irrational nonsense being promoted as “enlightened” and “woke” thought these days. There is a reason for this, as will appear in a bit.

    Empire Academia’s lack of stewardship over what their Kingdom of Psychology learned concerning the deeper levels, the sub concious and unconscious levels, of the human critter was the originating error. The Academics, utterly trusting and frankly quite naive, could not imagine the political power potentials of what the shrinks were discovering. As a consequence they, and the rest of us as well, must deal with the consequences of such weapons in the hands of those waging covert cultural warfare against western soociety on behalf of their bid to take over the social power once owned and weilded by that mode of thought called religion.

    The answer is easy, but not pleasant. ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK all things that enable and allow the Kingdom of Psychology to maintain their death grip on the humanities; liberate (by force of arms if need be) the Kingdom of Education within that Empire from the influence of Kingdom of Psychology (break their line of supply) and restore Education as the source of skills, not the tyrant of political attitudes.

    This must happen or all of what is called Academic Freedom will be nothing more than a memory for a thousand years. Academic Freedom will be as crushed by whoever is the head honcho of the APA as it ever was by whoever was The Pope ruling over The Vatican in Rome.

Watchman, what of the night?