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  1. Fred Thornton
    August 24, 2022 @ 12:39 pm

    What an epiphany of a little article! Thank you for publishing this! Not that it presents any thought new to me, everything it offers is available in one old folk saying or the other. No, the epiphany it inspired, and it’s a very positive one full of hope, has to do with something else entirely.

    The saying goes “necessity is the mother of all invention.” Humanity, particularly those who live The United States of America, have a dire and pressing need. This article is solid evidence that said necessity has sparked an invention to answer that need: to wit, the evolving concept of “emotional intelligence.”

    What need drove this invention? The need for some mode of thought to act as counter-agent against the politically motivated and thirty year old ongoing assault Empire Academia’s Kingdom of Psychology has mounted against the component pieces of the stabile emotional maturity needed by any electorate to maintain any form of democratic self rule!

    Yup. This little article proved a tipping point, it has caused me to officially change my mind. The concept of Emotional Intelligence will no longer be cataloged among the works of fauxLiberal snowflakes seeking to degrade the sane functionality of any who might imbibe it. It will now be considered as viable weapons research from which to mount counter-attacks against the occult emotional control and programming EAKP’s conquered minion, the public education system of the United States, used to create the army of drone and clone fauxLiberal snowflakes in the first place.