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  1. Fred Thornton
    December 24, 2021 @ 8:55 am

    This series of articles is one of the places The Conversation earns their keep. Normally they’re more of a marshmallow liberal political offering, harmless and informative of that circuit of things, but every now and then they do publish what has some serious meat to it. These articles are well worth the reading (full Dynamic Dilbert translation applied, of course).

    And once you’ve read these articles contemplate this: all the damage they speak of was done to the neuro-typical kids. What isn’t spoken of is what the deep psych hooks, designed for the typical-average-normal, have done to those who are not neuro-typical, those who carry psyche elements off the Autistic spectrum of things. I’ve seen that one more than once up close and personal. What I’ve seen is that the psychosomatic trauma they suffer can inflict permanent physical injury. What happens to them every time Farcebook and company decide to shift their attack vector on the mental freedom of America is very much a case of Human Rights abuse… approaching psychological genocide.

    The shrinks who built Farcebook et al knew full well that there would be no predicting how special needs people exposed to such techniques would respond, and they did it anyway. The only reason I don’t advocate hunting that group into extinction is that the dead don’t suffer nearly enough to bring this set of scales to balance.