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  1. Fred Thornton
    September 29, 2022 @ 1:21 pm

    Way before Fox News ever hit the airwaves it was pretty common knowledge that if the editor didn’t want you to notice something it was gonna be on Page 4 and opposite something good and juicy and scandalous. I’ll free give that there are a lot of folks is these modern times who never learned that by reading the newspapers, but I can promise Fox News didn’t introduce the idea. It came down the line from the Grandfather’s generation, the most Fox could do would be validate that yes, maybe Grandpa did know what he was talking about.

    That said, when folks are actually getting full on savvy to how the news media actually works the first thing they’re ask is “If Fox is pointing fingers at ABC, wonder what it is they’re trying to hide by wanting me to look the other way?” Seriously. I don’t think anyone has ever trusted “the media” regardless of what that media might be. It’s part of being an informed citizen to navigate by difference in the lies… that difference giving the actual intent of those presenting what might get you somewhere close to the facts… if your willing to triangulate from the differential dishonesty to get a vector and then move fifty yards to the north and do it again.