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  1. Fred Thornton
    June 24, 2022 @ 7:59 am

    IF society chooses to focus on the symptoms it will never defeat the disease.

    IF society chooses to allow political group think to determine the trajectory of investigation regarding the disease then said disease will always exist in the shadows of thoughts discarded to achieve the (visible if not accurate) consensus required for group think to operate as a factor of reality.

    IF society realizes that the incidence rate of mass shootings explains easily as a function of statistical distribution applied to the social compression generated by an increasing (media driven) perception of population density influencing any of several known psychological maladies then society is in a position to cure the problem, not treat symptoms and harvest political mileage from each inevitable relapse to hit the evening news.

    Allow the amount of total info-glut to go high enough… as is seen and often spoken of concerning the social consequences of ubiquitous social media interactions… and allow that info-glut to influence the formation of the emotional substrates of enough people?

    Simple statistics gives that in such circumstances the outlier points (on the distribution curve that describes the evolution of emotional stability within such a population) will become ever more radical in one direction or the other. Sooner or later some outlier point found on the negative side, the violent side, will pick up a lethal weapon of one sort or another and in utter despair attack those not afflicted and tortured as they are.

    Funny how what the Japanese guy who shizzed out in Japan did… where guns are scarce and hard to come by… never gets mentioned as a point of comparison in these debates. I’d say putting a classic Samurai sword to work on a crowded subway is even more traumatic to a population than unloading a pistol into the same environment.

    Treat the disease people, not the symptoms. You need empowered philosophers, not lawyers.


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