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  1. Fred Thornton
    October 6, 2022 @ 1:39 pm

    Progressive or Preservative running off the median peak of the bell curve towards Liberal or Conservative and dragging the deeply damaged libTard/conTard demographics along with makes no difference to some very important things. Important things that need serious attention rather immediately. Those things tend to be the things that operate and exist beyond the scope, the span of control, of the political machine wherein those definitions exist. Mitigating the consequences of climate change is one of them. This is another, and as prime an example of the socially destructive Corporate Neo-Fascist (CNF, for brevity’s sake) influence as could be imagined.

    It is a sure to be fatal mistake to imagine that the motives of the CNF are simple greed. All puns permitted, take that statement to the bank. The global scale force which is the CNF is powered by more than one primal source of motivations, and to understand (and defuse!) their potentials involves understanding how those several motivations intersect and interact to produce what reality presents as fact.

    Please, hang with me because this is the realms of INDUCTIVE reasoning, effectively socially taboo and the foundations of legitimate conspiracy theory work where not all, nor even the majority, of the players need be human beings whose actions are influenced and motivated by things fully understood by those conspirators. As often as not they are just as much a victim of their own conspiracies as anyone else. To understand the reality you see YOU cannot afford to ignore, in your thoughts, what THEY cannot see in their thoughts. Your best understandings of working (collective entity) psychology must be your sidearm and best friend to go into these realms attempting such an understanding. You can take that to the bank as well, history solidly certifies the accuracy.

    Consider the two words that make up the name of this group: Corporate, and (neo)Fascist. The corporate entity is a slave, and like all slaves it is tasked with meeting the demands of its’ masters, no questions asked. Since the corporate IS a slave that entity does NOT have the capacity to contribute an ethical value into the morality of its’ society, as a slave it does not get to choose such things. For the corporate just like for the plantation slave it is do, or die.

    The most conflicted part of this situation revolves around the most taboo thought possible… to wit, what we as a society demand of our socially constructed slave, the corporation! What we have demanded of our slave is not that our slave provide us with the material rewards of good judgment in business, FOOLS WE have demanded that our slave provide us the good judgment which produces the wealth!!!

    Do you see the double fold, the mask and blind, which makes this situation a conspiracy of fate, fools, and human nature driving the actions of a limited demographic? The corporate slave is, by the nature of the slavery, absolved from any ethical considerations. The morality has already been corrupted (understand Ayn Rand to understand how) to allow the slavery in the first place.

    The demand is on the corporate slave, and the slave’s answer to its’ owner’s demand that it… as they say in the BDSM world… Top from the Bottom is FASCISM, a social structure where they, the slave, are the empowered elite and the society beneath their artificial elevation is structured into an easily managed oriental/english/indian style caste and class system that insulates and protects the slave by being rigidly immobile to changes in elevation! Effectively saying, SLAVE to MASTER… SURE, I’ll do the job but doing the job means you become MASTER in name only, to make it happen you must agree to become totally subservient to ME!

    Gentle reader, this is a complicated thought but give it a check ride and see how many places, how many seemingly unrelated and unconnected lines of social woe pass through these points. If you take my challenge I say “good luck, and welcome to the ranks of the working CT.”