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  1. Fred Thornton
    April 9, 2022 @ 11:16 am

    No, it is not fair to blame mental health issues on the physical elements of technology. On the other hand, when the science is Psychology (a status Psychology claims for itself, I didn’t hang the title on them) it is very bad science to ignore the compounding effect of user selected and quite subjective media content on the both the developmental and world-view aspects of a human life… particularly at a time when there is every reason to believe such an… oversight???… would be motivated by political reasoning.

    I have half a dozen people in my world who are showing heavy evidence of acute psychosomatic illnesses induced by the flip-flop in the media message induced by the Covid pandemic. The bug never got to them, untouched, and yet they are suffering physical failures to the consequences of media induced chronic fear and anxiety hammering on their endocrine systems. When that fear is being pushed using “enhanced” media techniques (only possible with a high tech platform whose psychological mechanisms are unknown to the majority of the population) it is not unfair to blame the technology… technology is, effectively, the contagion vector transmitting the malady.

    And that’s just what happened around Covid. What happens when an individual challenges the Political Orientation Profile the social media platforms assign to them? Challenge the elements intended to reduce them to a LibTard or a Contard totally controlled at the polls? That is anything but pretty. It’s downright Orwellian ugly as a matter of fact.

    I advise all the younger folk in my world to treat any and every form of digital technology with the same caution, respect and distrust used for any other mind altering and potentially addictive substance. I’m very pleased to have seen people half my age beginning to echo that message. Those who are aware have a fighting chance, those who are not aware are cattle to the slaughter following the judas goat of social media onto the killing floor. Just that simple.