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  1. Fred Thornton
    February 10, 2022 @ 10:10 am

    Jordan Peterson must be quite a character. His name keeps crossing my path from several very diverse directions. I’ve not read his work, think I’ve heard his voice exactly once (when my roomie interrupted me trying to write some VB code to come listen to a podcast… I did, for about three minutes, and then asked… more than a bit irritated at having been interrupted in the middle of navigating an objective through a couple of 3D arrays… “who is this fellow blowing MOTO like a big watt AM radio station? her answer? Jordan Peterson…)

    That said, and from having read this little blurb about him, plus a few other “byline” thoughts carrying his name? Pretty sure I’ve agreed with several of his ideas for a lot longer than I’ve known his name. The point in the title, “…taking down the university” is one where I strongly suspect it wouldn’t take ten minutes of conversing with the gentleman for us to hit full working consensus, and that probably just a matter of word choice verbiage.

    For the better part of a decade I’ve been naming “Empire Academia’s Kingdom of Psychology” as one of the primal forces driving the destruction of the American culture. I accuse them of being utterly irresponsible and totally indiscriminant weapons merchants in the Covert Cultural Warfare being waged against freedom where freedom begins (between the ears of any democracy’s electorate!). I accuse them of aspiring to make of themselves a deity in the minds of the modern secular population… a brand new and coercive interventionist God complete with religions, rituals, temples and sacrifices… seeking to become the power behind any and every throne on the planet.

    Why? Because they have stepped beyond the proper function of Education… they do not say “This is what we know of HOW this works…” No. They say “This is what we know (really?) of how this SHOULD work, and you must believe us because we are smarter than you are.” I would strongly suspect this is what Jordan was talking about when he said the universities have become “corrupt” and “indoctrination cults.” For myself it isn’t the universities, not as such, it is Empire Academia operating out of the universities that I name ENEMY.

    My alter ego (and pen name) is Cyranos DeMet, and I am proud to serve as a gunny sergeant in the Third Expeditionary SoulMarine. But, the more I learn of Jordan Peterson the more convinced I am that he’s wearing some high and serious metal on the collar of his uniform shirt.