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  1. Fred Thornton
    June 11, 2022 @ 12:19 am

    If sarcasm were horsepower this article could power Chicago with throttle to spare.

    One point that has always struck as just plain off about the school shootings is this… you never hear about them happening in the tough inner city schools where it is reasonable to assume some toughKid/gangBanger is going be packing heat as a counter to some rival toughKid’s intentions. Is this because THOSE kids have actually seen what guns do to people? Or is it because even the most whacked out headcase coming out of that school knows if he opens fire on the innocent there’s going to be half a dozen armed students already in the mix who aren’t likely to hesitate to blow someone’s head off, pick up the brass and walk away a local hero never to be known to the powers that run their particular institution of psuedo-intellectual incarceration?

    It’s a question I’d really like to see an answer to. Why do the shootings always seem to go down in the higher socio-economic schools? Is it exclusively a mental malfunction of the well to do to go shoot up a/your old school, or is it that if a shooting goes down in the lower echelons they just write it off to a gang related issue, discounting the lives and fortunes of the poor kids even more than they were?

    IF there were any REAL Liberals left on the American political scene I wouldn’t have to be asking that question, they’d have been all over that from the get go. Somehow I suspect the modern fauxLiberal don’t really want that question asked, much less answered. Might put a bit of an embarrassing contrast on what their philosophy of life does to the kids raised where it holds sway.