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  1. Fred Thornton
    January 18, 2022 @ 11:51 am

    All and all? Well worth the read, providing you can keep your wits about you. This article is quite in keeping with TheGuardian’s best offerings, that is to say walking that fine, fine line between the very best of propaganda and legitimate philosophical enquiry. It is not a safe place for those whose opinions are shaped by consensus rather than contemplation.

    The author, identified only by a social demographic given by anecdote within the text (“…an Asian-American dad like me…”), does a fine job of detailing the symptoms of America’s malaise, and at times even speaks in the general direction of the conflicts which produce the symptoms. He points at the concept of walls, barriers, borders and then using beautifully subtle emotional rhetoric questions the actual need for such (social) structures. He anchors his argument against these facts, and then explores several lines of secondary consequences associated, albeit with less effort to show the causality between the components.

    Fair enough, I as a Euro-American dad have looked at many of the same scenarios with many of the same questions hanging open. He has his point of view, I have mine. For all that he traveled the land in search of reasons and answers I did not see any hint in his presentation of what I consider the largest single driving factor in play. It is not a small factor, it is a subtle factor, and to illuminate it would require as many words in reply as he aimed at me. So I will share a hint, and leave it at that.

    Do not fear the politician who wants to build a concrete wall between the United States and Mexico. Fear the politician who rallies the populist vote to build those walls, those armed and armored checkpoints, between the fertile and productive rural regions and the sterile and consuming urban areas.

    That’s the politician TheGuardian’s usual readership needs to worry about.