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  1. Fred Thornton
    January 19, 2022 @ 1:29 pm

    Ok, so I’ve got tears in my beer from listening to Roy Orbison sing “Only The Lonely.” This isn’t anything new, but it has gotten much worse. There is a reason it has gotten worse, of course there is. And the article doesn’t get anywhere close to the prime and driving cause. And there is a reason for that as well. This one… is bullscat on parade.

    The article mentions studies covering a range of time running from 1976 till 2019. What a coincidence! The time range mentioned is a fine match, an exact match in many cases, to the length of time America’s public schools have been promoting an Orwellian grade collectivist mentality as the default foundation of morality while mounting a standing assault on every foundation concept their students would need to create for themselves a secure self empowered and ethical individuality.

    This massive social programming operation was no coincidence. Not even. It was initiated to the coercive influence of, and using tactics designed by, Empire Academia’s Kingdom of Psychology whose prime stock in trade is now and always will be unhappy insecure people! Sad fact but true, and only the lawyers can run even a distant second to Empire Academia’s Kingdom of Psychology when it comes to manufacturing its’ own clientele.

    This attack on the individual got much worse a generation later in the late 80’s, early 90’s… but that was when the Kingdom of Psychology entered the political arena to enhance their ambition of replacing Religion as the prime vendor of socially certified acceptably moral behavior (attempting to become the power behind any and every throne), but that’s different focus entirely from the misery they’ve caused in the process. When Nazi Germany conquered Western Europe in the 1940’s it was the Allied Armed Forces liberated those lands from the grip of a tyrant. It is a twisted, and yet a defensible, thing to say that in the year 2020 the social consequences of the Covid pandemic played a similar role for those incarcerated in the totally cruel mental tyranny EAKP created within the majority of the young people to further their socio-political agenda.

    Like I said in the beginning… bullscat on parade. Fate can be a truly funny thing at times, and I totally support the Republican effort to liberate public education from the self serving influence of the shrink set.