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  1. Fred Thornton
    October 13, 2022 @ 12:47 pm

    A beautifully written and quite interesting read throwing several implied questions for every point of illumination it attempts. Good stuff, for someone who likes to think. Scary stuff, for someone who likes to think outside the limits of what is well tolerated within society. This… is the most contra-social thing I’ve seen published in a while. This is also A++ grade liberal propaganda, and as is true of all great propaganda it is absolute truth told with just enough slant to tilt the pinball table of public perception.

    I’ve got other things to do today, I’m not going to spend all day beating keyboard on this, no one would read it anyway. BUT… if my words come before your thought, and you have the time and inclination… a challenge: lock down, record on some permanent medium what your own thoughts were from reading this article. Then read back through this article and everywhere it says “man”, or “men” (the plural) substitute the word male or males. Make that one substitution, and take careful note of where that single change shifts your perspective, your conclusions, when examined compared to your first impressions that you took note of. Any differences you see will define for you an attack vector open for Empire Academia’s Kingdom of Psychology (EAKP) to use against your life.

    IMO what is revealed, not by the article but by the shift in perspective caused by making the substitution of male for man/men within this article, gives MASSIVE clue as to how EAKP manufactured the American fauxLiberal, the most misnamed group of people to ever stomp dirt on planet Earth, in the first place.