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  1. Fred Thornton
    June 24, 2022 @ 10:27 am

    OK, this one? This one is toasty in several directions! A VERY interesting article, thanks for posting this one.

    I have presented myself as a contra-social thinker who is also a Constitutional patriot. From that perspective I will defend the SCOTUS ruling on the basis of an exacting and functional definition of the words “Religion” and “Education.”

    If one wishes to say that SCOTUS is dismantling the wall between church and state then to my thought the only reason they could, or would for that matter, is if they were using the salvage brick to build a structure that holds BOTH social functions to the same level of scrutiny measured against the same Constitutional principles.

    There is a saying uttered by the conservatives in outrage that is (tacitly and gleefully) acknowledged as accurate by liberal elements, and that saying goes “There is no such thing as public education, not anymore, what we’re paying for is public indoctrination these days.”

    Taken from a purely functional perspective it is obvious that Education and (social) Indoctrination are not and cannot be the same thing. The former is to impart the skills set needed to be a productive member of society while the latter is to impart the ethical parameters into the population needed to maintain the ultimate morality of a society. Clearly, apples and oranges, both needed and where the rubber meets the road not at all the same thing. The only way this ruling satisfies the Constitution is if SCOTUS has just acknowledged that IF the prevailing philosophy of a secular movement emulates or simulates the same functionality as that category of thought known as religion then the Federal government cannot play favorites between the competing philosophies with American tax dollars!

    This ruling opens the door for a Constitutionally based legal challenge of the blatant and state sponsored monopoly held by the quintessentially Liberal Empire Academia’s Kingdom of Psychology (and their totally controlled minion, the Kingdom of Education) on the formative years of a child’s development!

    This ruling offers roughly half the American population an option to defend their children from a distasteful and rapidly failing philosophy of life that does not depend on armed violence! Yes, yea and hooray!!!

    If what I say next doesn’t make sense to you then you need to read your history books. To my thought the tide may have just turned… this ruling sounds to my ears like the Pratt and Whitney radials of Dive-6 warming up on the deck of The Big-E… June 4, 1942.