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  1. Fred Thornton
    May 30, 2024 @ 1:51 pm

    A most interesting,and pertinent, argument. On the one hand a solid case for recusal, and yet on the other hand a very disturbing implication, to wit that a judge or Justice does not, by law, have the right to hold a political opinion of their own, effectively negating the entire Bill of Rights where those in charge of defending that Bill of Rights are concerned! A very deep and delicate precedence hanging in the balance, a precedence which mandates the judiciary function only within the framework of the law considered as part and. parcel of an idealized status quo!

    If the reality of the situation is that the status quo is, or has degraded, to be outside the basic tenants and principles of the Constitution, as would be the case if a serious conspiracy had successfully short circuited Democracy while leaving the original facade in place (i.e. Augustus Ceaser’s “first citizen”” status) then the precedence being attempted here would render the entire judiciary utterly impotent to mount a defense against any such conspiracies attack! (think RICO legislation, where the racketeering had been enlarged to a society wide scale, which is a foundation tenent of the American Patriot moovement)

    This one is truly dangerous for the nation.

    Fred Thornton, GM_PCTi

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